The Examined Life Speaker Series

What is the Examined Life?

“The Examined Life” is a series of monthly lectures, generously funded by an alumnus of our doctoral program, Dr. David Cale. The goal of this speaker series is to show everyone the relevance and importance of philosophical thinking to contemporary life. Using non-technical language accessible to all, each talk aims to address a problem felt by people outside philosophy departments, and in some cases outside universities altogether.


Martin KRAHN (Duquesne University), “The Ethics of Speaking and Truth-Telling,” 20 October.


Sıla ÖZKARA (Duquesne University), “Beginnings and Ends: Foundations of First Philosophy and Death,” 7 October.

Patrick Lee MILLER (Duquesne University), “Truth in the Age of Trump,” 28 October.

Jeff LAMBERT (Duquesne University), “The Ethical Questions of Pornography,” 11 November.

Tristana MARTIN-RUBIO (Duquesne University), “The Places You Will Go: Merleau-Ponty on Life as Adventure,” 21 April.


Patrick Lee MILLER (Duquesne University), “Philosophy and the University,” 18 September.

Tom EYERS (Duquesne University), “Philosophy and Art,” 23 October.

Michael HARRINGTON (Duquesne University), “Philosophy: East and West,” 13 November.

Mark ANDERSON (Belmont University), “Creativity and the Philosophical Life,” 4 December.

Brian CRONIN (Duquesne University), “Creative Intelligence: An Act of Human Understanding,” 28 January.

Fred EVANS (Duquesne University), “Democracy, Philosophy, and Derrida,” 24 February.

Jennifer BATES (Duquesne University), "Kantian Grit? Severus Snape and Shakepseare's Brutus," 7 March.

Faith BJALOBOK (Duquesne University), “Philosophy of the Animal Rights Movement: The Largest Social Movement of the 21st Century,” 11 April.