Duquesne Philosophy Department Internship Program

Through our internship program, our students are provided an avenue to contact potential employers, learn with on-the-job training, and bolster their resume or CV for future endeavors, all while doing something worthwhile.  Students receive 1-3 credits for completion of their internship. 

Current Internships

Innocence Project. The Innocence project is currently housed on Duquesne's campus. Students will assist in the process of preparing information necessary to determine if the inmate's case is an appropriate one for the Innocence Project. Correlates to Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Crime and Punishment.

Paws for Seniors: This is a Washington Area Humane Society project aimed at helping low income seniors keep their pets. Students will identify eligible individuals and coordinate their services. Correlates to Philosophy of Aging and Philosophy of Animals.

For students to participate in the internship program, it's vital to contact Dr. Faith Bjalobok for a fully detailed overview of the necessary steps to apply.  This includes sending in a complete resume for consideration, which will be sent to the internship program being applied for.  After acceptance, students must meet with their advisors to register for the internship course, PHIL 317.

The due date for application materials is December 9th for the Spring 2018 Semester.