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Duquesne Philosophy graduate Casey Black (now in Law at Duquesne) tells freshman Philosophy BA Rafael Paul what philosophy courses to take to prepare for Law School:

It is universally known that a B.A. in philosophy is one of the best courses of study for entrance into law. (LSAT results show that philosophy students regularly out-perform almost all other humanities majors.)

Currently (as for many years), Duquesne students major in philosophy and then enter reputable Juris Doctor programs such as the Duquesne School of Law, the University of Virginia School of Law, and other well-established programs in the country. To support this well-traveled and respected path, this web page clarifies what routes are open to students who wish to pursue the philosophy and law connection at Duquesne University. Advisors in both philosophy and law are available to help you navigate the options (see contacts below). Whichever option you choose, we are here to support you throughout all your years of study at Duquesne University.

The Philosophy–Law options at Duquesne University are:

  1. The 3/3 (Philosophy/J.D.: “Pre-Law”): a three-year undergraduate program in philosophy followed by early admission into the Juris Doctor (J.D.) three-year program (this is called the “Pre-Law program”; its director is in the Political Science Department but it is not limited to students of political science).
  2. The 4/3 (B.A./J.D.): the regular four-year undergraduate B.A. in philosophy, followed by the Juris Doctor three-year program. Enrollment is first through the College of Arts, and then through the School of Law.
  3. The 4/4 (B.A./M.A./J.D.): the regular four-year undergraduate B.A. in philosophy, followed by the Juris Doctor / Master of Arts in Philosophy Joint Degree four-year program. For more information, see the Philosophy page and the School of Law page.

Please feel free to contact either co-director, Professor Jennifer Bates in Philosophy ( or Professor Bruce Ledewitz in Law (

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