Careers & Alumni Jobs

What can you do with training in Political Science?

Political Science prepares you for many jobs, as the great careers of our alumni show! Political Science majors find interesting and lucrative work in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. Among the many opportunities they pursue are:

  • Government: White House; Congress; Pennsylvania House of Repsresentatives
  • International Affairs: U.S. Foreign Service; Syrian American Council
  • Homeland Security: FBI, CIA, NSA
  • Politics: Democratic Party; Republican Party
  • Education: Harvard Law School; Buckswood School; Clarion Univ.
  • Media & Communications: CNN, Time, Huffington Post, Gannett
  • Nonprofits & Civil Rights
  • Business--multinational & local: Federated Investors; U.S. Travel Association
  • Law firms in Pittsburgh, New York and around the nation

And much more! Explore the great jobs our grads are now doing.

How do you qualify?

You can qualify for many of these jobs immediately with a B.A. in Political Science!  Others require advanced degrees, such as law or masters degrees. Duquesne students are eligible for the law school's 3-3 program. Political science juniors may earn a $10,000 scholarship for graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

Internships and volunteer experiences lead to full time jobs. Earn credits with a political science internship!

For more information on careers, speak with your faculty mentor and visit Duquesne's Center for Career Development.

Useful Websites for Job Seekers

American Political Science Association
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U.S. Office of Personnel Management
International City/County Management Association
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