Early Assurance Admissions Program Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh

Political Science Department and University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public & International Affairs (GSPIA)

Qualified Political Science majors may receive conditional admission to the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (University of Pittsburgh) up to a year earlier than the general public, after completing only three years of undergraduate education. Those admitted will be guaranteed a minimum scholarship award of $5,000/year, to be increased at GSPIA's discretion. Both admission and scholarship are contingent on completion of a Duquesne bachelor's degree with a major in Political Science and an acceptable academic and personal record.


  1. Enrolled as an undergraduate at Duquesne, pursuing a major in Political Science or International Relations;
  2. Completed enough credits to be considered at least a third-year (junior) undergraduate at time of application;
  3. Earned a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average;
  4. Expect to graduate from Duquesne in the next academic year
  5. Intend to pursue either a Master of Public Administration, Master of Public & International Affairs, or Master of International Development at GSPIA.

Interested students should consult with the Political Science department chair.