Crisis in Syria: Faculty Insights for Students

Crisis in Syria: Faculty Insights for Students 

Webb Excellence Award


Each year the faculty of the Department of Political Science examines the records of our top majors to determine whether to present this award to the outstanding senior.  Overall grade point average is a major factor in determining this award, but intellectual capacity as exhibited in classroom performance is considered as well.  Department faculty consider the eligible students, and then decide whether to make the award and to whom.  Awardees are the best of the best!

This award is named for Harold Webb, Jr., who was a member of the Department from 1960 until 1994.  He was a beloved professor who specialized in International Relations.

Webb Award Winners

2022 Bella Biancone
2021 Trey Houk and Anastasia Petrak
2020 Antonia Gelorme and Kelly Myer
2019 David DeFelice and Nikola Ranick
2018 Kayley Szymanski and Sydnie Pennington
2017 Sarah Wolinsky
2016 Janae Stacier
2015 Lara Konefal-Shaer
2014 Christopher Paul
2013 Emily Farah
2012 Jordan Buzza
2011 Jason Hunt
2010 William Lewis
2009 Amanda Sorrell
2008 Jamison Etzel
2007 Lauren Clark
2006 Joselyn Molinari and Elena Pollock
2005 Dana Windisch
2004 Stephen Sawka
2003 James Naus
2002 Adam Warhola
2001 Meghan Hungate
2000 Robert Kravetz
1999 Jennifer Marie Popovich
1998 Alison Nipar
1997 Marco Cercone
1996 Colin Wrabley
1995 Stephanie Muraca