Dr. Mark Haas engages his class in discussion.

Dr. Mark Haas engages his class in discussion.

Suggested Sequence of Courses

Political science courses are numbered by degree of difficulty and workload, from 100-level introductory courses to 400-level capstone courses. As a major, you should enroll in lower level courses before taking upper level courses.

  • First and second years: Focus your studies on required core courses--POSC 105, 208/209, 245, 298, 317W/318W--and a few 100-200-level electives, including concentration courses if desired.

  • Third and fourth years: Focus on political science elective courses at the 200-400 levels, including concentration and second concentration courses. Take an internship and at least one 400-level capstone course. Complete all requirements to graduate!

After meeting the core requirements of the major, follow your interests and passions in choosing elective courses, concentrations, internship, and capstone courses. Contact the course instructor, your faculty mentor, or your College advisor if you are unsure whether a course is right for you.