Founding Members and Early Trailblazers of the Department

Frank Buckley, Ph.D.

Dr. Buckley received his M.A. from Boston College and E.D. in Human Development and Personality from Harvard University in 1954. From 1960 he had been at Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts, where he had taught in the graduate school, and for 10 years had served as Director of the Graduate Program in Psychology and Counseling. Dr. Buckley joined the faculty at the Duquesne Psychology Department in 1972, with a considerable background and deep interest in existential psychology. While at Duquesne, his principal interest centered on the thought of Gabriel Marcel and its concrete applications to psychotherapy and the dynamics of groups. His published papers include "An Approach to Phenomenology of At-Homeness," published in the Duquesne Studies in Phenomenological Psychology. Dr. Buckley's untimely death in 1982 came as a shock to all.