Department Events

2020 Tri-Annual Conference of the International Association for Jungian Studies

Jung painting

Nancy McWilliams

Individuality: Implications for Psychotherapy

January 31-February 2, 2019

2020 Distinguished Speakers Workshop

2019 Dissertation Defenses

November 15, 2019
202 Rockwell Hall
2:30 pm

Daniel Strom Gruner


Frontline in mental healthcare: A discourse analytic clinical ethnography of crisis intervention team trainings for corrections

Director: Dr. Derek Hook
Readers: Drs. Barnard and Fein


November 8, 2019
202 Rockwell Hall
10:00 am

Kai Le Page Bekkeli 


Towards Collaboration: A comparative, longitudinal, conversation analysis of change in talk-in-interaction in psychotherapy

Director: Dr. Alexander Kranjec
Readers: Drs. Goicoechea and Koelsch

Silverman Symposium

Each year, the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center holds a Symposium on a specific theme, featuring internationally renowned scholars in phenomenology.

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