2019 Lacan’s Écrits Conference

ecrits poster

October 11-13, 2019

Organized by the Duquesne University Psychology Department


Without doubt the foundational text of Lacanian psychoanalysis, Jacques Lacan's Écrits remains, fifty years after its (1966) publication, an invaluable resource for how we might understand - and practice - psychoanalysis. As labyrinthine as it is enigmatic, Écrits is at once Lacan's manifesto for what a Freudian psychoanalysis should be, and the condensed companion-piece to the first fifteen years of his weekly Seminar.

The publication, in 2007, of Écrits:The First Complete Edition in English (translated by Bruce Fink), made Lacanian theory more accessible to the English-speaking world. And yet Lacan's Écrits remains inexhaustible, an array of elliptical texts that invite multiple interpretations and interventions. The 2019 Lacan's Écrits Conference will continue this tradition of exposition and engagement by hosting many of the world's foremost experts on Lacan and by exploring multiple perspectives on - and applications of - Lacan's Écrits.

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New Lacan translation for Dany Nobus keynote presentation

Notes on surviving the 2019 Lacan's Ecrits Conference