Undergraduate Awards

Department of Psychology Undergraduate Award for Academic Excellence

2018-19 Natalia Wohar

2017-18 Cris Wildman and Anna Lampe

2016-17 Cydney Staton and Jennifer Rauch

2015-16 Chelsea Day, Honorable mention: Jordon Brody

2014-15 Shreya Vaishnav, Runners-up: Annaliese Kaucic, Miranda Holdaway, Rachel Johnson

2013-14 Heather Jones

2012-13 Lindsey Miller

2011-12 Cassondra Wimmer

2010-11 Matthew Trozzo and Jennifer Peer

2009-10 Camille O'Connor

Department Award for Engaged Scholarship

Undergraduate Student Award for Engaged Scholarship
This award recognizes undergraduate students who pursue scholarly activities above and beyond those assigned in the classroom. Recipients of this award demonstrate a deep engagement with the discipline of psychology as it is practiced at Duquesne.

2018-19 Jordan Miller

2016-17 Ventura Simmons