Daniel Burston

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Daniel Burston, Ph.D.

York University, Canada
Chair, Psychology Department


Dr. Daniel Burston has doctorates in Social and Political Thought and in Psychology, and brings a background of philosophy and critical theory to his work in psychology. Apart from Dr. Burston's present interest, which are ongoing, he is interested in the clinical and anthropological relevance of the work of Max Scheler, Martin Buber and Hans Jonas.


His publications to date concern the history and politics of psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis, issues in social and personality psychology, and the various points of convergence between existential-phenomenology and psychoanalytic thought.


He is the author of the Legacy of Erich Fromm and The Wing of Madness, and counts Erich Fromm and R.D. Laing among the earliest and strongest influences on his work. (His recent book, The Crucible of Experience, is a sequel to his Biography of R.D. Laing).


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Dialogue 26 September 2009. Presenter: Andy O'Mahony. Producer: Bernadette Comerford

Andy talks to Daniel Burston, Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.