Dissertations in Progress

Copies of the dissertation proposals are available for review in the Department Office.
Anyone wishing to get in touch with an author should contact the Psychology Department at psychology@duq.edu or 412-396-6520.

Bekkeli, Kai--How talk changes in psychotherapy: A longitudinal, conversation analysis of change in talk-in-interaction in psychotherapy

Bradley, Jennifer--Discovering a sanctuary for play: Developing an integrative and restorative approach to playscape design

Chai, Kay--An interpretive phenomenological analysis of psychotherapists' experiences of vulnerability

Chilcote, Autumn--Without words: Relational neuropsychology and creative arts therapies with people managing Aphasia

Coleman, Brian--Brotherhood: A phenomenological investigation into African American male veteran's experience of reintegration and social connection

Freeman, Erica--Writing the absence: A study of the influence of two female British Psychoanalaysts on Jacques Lacan's early conceptualizations of feminine sexuality and castration

Gruner, Daniel--Ethnography of crisis intervention team trainings for corrections personnel

Guilbeau, Catherine--Devotion from the deathbed: A phenomenological study of dying as a Catholic

Guthrie, Leland--The phenomenology of the spiritual ordeal in Psychedelic experiences: Paradoxical healing in challenging Ayahuasca experiences

Jenkins, Jayme--Exiting white supremacy: Exit intervention programs as cultural therapeutic in societies of control

Lawson, Monica--From needed relationships to needed communities: An ethnography of existential issues in a therapeutic community

 Stefanidou Marini, Myrsini--Exploring maternal communication and attachment organization in families with psychosis: A qualitative analysis using the adult attachment interview