Dissertations in Progress

Copies of the dissertation proposals are available for review in the Department Office.
Anyone wishing to get in touch with an author should contact the Psychology Department at psychology@duq.edu or 412-396-6520.

Abrams, Kaitlyn--The role of embodied metaphor in the relationship between vestibular dysfunction, anxiety and the self

Bradley, Jennifer--Discovering a sanctuary for play: Developing an integrative and restorative approach to playscape design

Chilcote, Autumn--Without words: Relational neuropsychology and creative arts therapies with people managing Aphasia

Goodwin, Lucas--Excessive before it begins: A critical analysis of racialized encounters between police and African American men

Guthrie, Leland--The phenomenology of the spiritual ordeal in Psychedelic experiences: Paradoxical healing in challenging Ayahuasca experiences

Heller, Christine--Interdependence with our most forgetful elders: Alzheimer's in the Anthropocene

Jenkins, Jayme--Exiting white supremacy: Exit intervention programs as cultural therapeutic in societies of control

Leadem, Sean--Embodied fatness in boys: a critical phenomenological study

Luiggi-Hernández, José--A qualitative study on hoping within the colonized context of Puerto Rico

Mohler, Sadie--Phenomenology of bleeding: A qualitative study of self-cutting

Rubin Budick, Adina--Tabletop role-playing games as Autism psychotherapy: A video-cued multivocal clinical ethnography

Stefanidou Marini, Myrsini--Exploring maternal communication and attachment organization in families with psychosis: A qualitative analysis using the adult attachment interview

Wang, Tricia--Affective synchrony in psychotherapy