Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a Master's Degree?

Currently Duquesne's Department of Psychology offers a combined M.A./Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. The student earns an M.A. in Psychology upon completion of 30 credits in the Ph.D. program. However, students are not admitted into the program for the purpose of obtaining only an M.A. degree.

Is the program more clinically or research oriented?

Whereas the clinical training will make more extensive demands on your time, the program equally values clinical training, qualitative research, and scholarship.  All of these include philosophical inquiry into the foundations of our field.  While each student crafts his or her own vocational path, emphasizing one area or another, our approach and curriculum are guided by an appreciation that clinical practice, research, and scholarship mutually inform and enhance one another. 

What are the requirements needed to apply for the Ph.D. program?

Students are required to have a Bachelors degree and 12 credits of undergraduate psychology. The Bachelors degree does not have to be in Psychology.

What if I do not meet the minimum requirement of 12 credits in undergraduate psychology?

Although the 12 credit minimum of psychology is required prior to admission to the Ph.D. Program, you would be permitted to apply to the program with your current academic background. However, you would need to include documentation in your application proving that you have registered for the remaining number of psychology credits. If you were offered admission to the program, it would be contingent on documentation that those credits were completed.

Do you require the GRE/TOEFL?

Yes, we require the GRE for all students. We also require the TOEFL for all International students.

What are the GRE Codes?

The code for Duquesne University is 2196 and you should choose 2001 Clinical Psychology.

What is the cutoff for GRE's and GPA's?

Although there is no cut-of for GPA's or GRE's, we generally consider applications to be competitive with GPA's above 3.5 and combined GRE Scores above 1100 (Quantitative and Verbal).

Do you offer Assistantships or any other financial Aid?

In this program you receive funding from the University, your tuition will be waived and you will receive a stipend while you are completing your course-work. You will receive the stipend for nine months out of the year. In exchange for the stipend you will do 15 hours research a week for a professor in your first year. In your second, third and fourth years you will teach an undergraduate course. It is also required that you stay registered while working on your internship and dissertation before defending the dissertation; these credits are the responsibility of the student. This usually involves 6 dissertation credits.

Graduate student loans may also be available for students that meet the eligibility requirements. Visit the Financial Aid web-site for more details.

How long does it take to complete this program?

The Clinical Ph.D. Concentration entails eighty nine credits of required and elective graduate courses, successful completion of the comprehensive exams, the completion of a one-year pre-doctoral internship, and the successful defense of a dissertation.

Can I enter this program on a part-time basis?

Only full-time students are accepted in to the program.

Is it possible to complete this program on-line?

We do not offer any program classes on line.

Do you accept transfer credits?

We admit all candidates as first-year Ph.D. students, and we do not give advanced standing along with or prior to admission. After admission, you can petition to have particular courses transferred from your previous graduate work, this is never done in an across the board manner. We only give credit for courses that more or less match our own.

How many students apply to this program?

Each year we receive approximately 80-100 applications and we usually accept 7 new students.

Can I see admission statistics?

Please check out the admission statistics for the past few years.

What are you expecting for a writing sample?

Your writing sample should be an excellent example of your ability to write a scholarly paper. The paper you submit should be on a subject close to psychology, philosophy, and/or religion, literature or a social science, if possible.

What if I do not know three professors to write letters of recommendation?

We do require three letters of recommendation. However, if you do not know three professors the Chair of the department recommends a mix of academic and professional letters of recommendation. The admissions committee will be looking at the letters to get an idea of well you can perform as a student.