Dissertations in Progress

Anyone wishing to get in touch with an author should contact the Psychology Department at psychology@duq.edu or 412-396-6520.

Abrams, Kaitlyn--The role of embodied metaphor in the relationship between vestibular dysfunction, anxiety and the self

Bradley, Jennifer--Discovering a sanctuary for play: Developing an integrative and restorative approach to playscape design

Floyd, Rachel--Understanding the psychological significance of Astrology in Millennial Women's Lives

Fried, Michelle--Practical Cynicism 

Gaddes, Benjamin--Investigating inactivism

Goodwin, Lucas--Excessive before it begins: A critical analysis of racialized encounters between police and African American men

Guzman, Erick--Neuropunk: A discursive ethnographic study of the do-it-yourself transcranial direct current stimulation community 

Jenkins, Jayme--Exiting white supremacy: Exit intervention programs as cultural therapeutic in societies of control

Leadem, Sean--Embodied fatness in boys: a critical phenomenological study

Luiggi-Hernández, José--A qualitative study on hoping within the colonized context of Puerto Rico

Mohler, Sadie--Phenomenology of bleeding: A qualitative study of self-cutting

Rubin Budick, Adina--Tabletop role-playing games as Autism psychotherapy: A video-cued multivocal clinical ethnography

Stefanidou Marini, Myrsini--Exploring maternal communication and attachment organization in families with psychosis: A qualitative analysis using the adult attachment interview

Wang, Tricia--Affective synchrony in psychotherapy