Student Publications and Presentations

Congratulations to the following students, whose recent scholarship was accepted for conference presentations and/or publication:


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Abrams, H., Verbos, J. (2017). Being with the other: Shame, culture and ethics in the therapeutic relational field a workshop presented at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, OH.

Anderson, J. (2019). Spaces and Places. Paper presented at the Ecrit's, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.

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Baumann, S., Mohler, S. (2017). Filmmaking in educational and public health interventions and research: A transmasculine experience of menstruation and homeless narratives of menstruation. Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, GA. Paper and film presented at Menstrual Health: Research, Representation and Re-Education Conference

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Bradley, J. (2019). Figures with no ground: An exploration of the (dis) orienting perceptual experiences in Autism through the lens of Merleau Ponty. Paper presented at the 43rd Annual Conference of the Merleau Ponty Circle, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN.

Brar, P. (2019). Furthering the dialogue between CBT for psychosis and phenomenology: Command hallucinations, beliefs, and interpersonal trust. Paper presented at the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis, Philadelphia, PA.

Corsitto, J. (2020). If Joker was my patient. Paper presented at the Society for the Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology Midwinter Meeting 2020, San Diego, CA.

Goodwin, L. (2019). Flight from the law: The role of fear in encounters between African Americans and the police. Paper presented at the Society for Phenomenology and Human Science Conference Duquesne University.

Guzman, E. (2019). Thinking about beauty vs function using fMRI. Paper presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2019 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Hovhannisyan, G. (2019). Enacting virtual reality: The philosophy and cognitive science of optimal virtual experience. Paper presented at the Human-Computer Interaction International 2019, Orlando, FL.

Hovhannisyan, G. (2019). Postmodernism: Philosophy or psychological attitude? Paper presented at the Society for theoretical and philosophical psychology, Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN.

Hovhannisyan, G. (2019). Toward a phenomenology of mythopoietic experience. Paper presented at the Society of Phenomenology and the Human Science, State College, PA.

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Jenkins, J. (2015). Body hair, gender, and disciplined bodies: Markers of femininity, a thematic discourse analysis. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Graduate Student Association of Psychology Annual Symposium, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Jenkins, J. (2018). Exiting white supremacy: Understanding activist interventions as cultural therapeutic. Paper presented at the Duquesne University Graduate Student Research Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA.

Jenkins, J. (2017). Sexuation and intersexuality: The western closet in a world of sexual diversity. Paper presented at the Psychology and the Other, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.

Jenkins, J. (2017). Dancing between worlds: Engaging LGBTQ and prisoner support activism as clinical psychology doctoral students. Paper presented at the Duquesne University Psychology Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA.

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Lamanna, L. (2019). Fool Me Twice: Gaze Then Gimmick in the Photography of Thomas Demand. Paper presented at the LACKiii, Clark University, MA.

Lamanna, L. (2019). Sexuation and the performative. Paper presented at the Ecrit's Duquesne University, Pittsburgh.

Leadem, S. (2019). The Ecrit's as a Site of Protest. Paper presented at the Ecrit's, Duquesne University.

Leadem, S. (2019). Echo as political figure. Paper presented at the LACKiii, Clark University, MA.

Luiggi-Hernández, J. (2020). (Navy)Gating Bodies: Healing Military Trauma Through Relationality & Cultural Awareness. Paper presented at the Duquesne University Psychology Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA.

Luiggi-Hernández, J., & Graniela, F. (2019). ¿Qué se sabe sobre la psicopatología, el colonialism y la psicoterapia decolonial? [What Do We Know About Psychopathology, Colonialism, and Decolonial Psychotherapy? . Paper presented at the 66ta Convención Annual de la Asociación de Psicología Puerta Rico.

Luiggi-Hernández, J.G. (2019) La decolonización será histérica o no será: Conceptualizaciones psicoanalíticas para un quehacer decolonial [Decolonization Will be Hysteric or It Shall Not Be: Psychoanalytic conceptualizations for a decolonial praxis]. Paper presented at Teorizando el giro decolonial: reflexiones en torno a Puerto Rico, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Luiggi-Hernandez, J. (2019). Colonized Desire: Unobtainable Whiteness or Decolonial Jouissance. Paper presented at the LACKiii, Clark University, MA.

Mohler, S. (2018). Menstrual blood and the materiality of the body. Paper presented at the University of Dallas, Dallas, TX.

Stich, B. (2019). Considerations on phenomenological study of hoarding disorder: Hoarding as 'filling the void". Organized conference and presented paper at the Queen City Philosophy Conference, University of North Carolina. 

Stich, B. (2019). Foucauldian perspective on self-diagnosis: The ethics of speaking one's truth for others. Paper presented at the Southeast Philosophy Congress, Clayton University. 

Stich, B. (2019). Self-diagnosis and Foucault: moving beyond the doctor. Paper presented at the Regional Undergraduate Psychology conference, Duquesne University. 

Stich, B. (2020). Body image dissatisfaction among diverse groups: Contributions to disordered eating and weight. Paper presented by Dr. Virginia Gil-Rivas at the Society of Behavioral Medicine, CA. 

Strosberg, B. (2019). Death Drive and Dialectic of Enlightenment. Paper presented at the LACKiii, Clark University, MA.