Major Requirements

The major involves 35 credits in Psychology with requirements in specified areas of study and opportunities for electives in areas of special interest. A minimum of 23 credits in psychology must be taken at Duquesne University for the major. Students must earn at least a grade of C in all courses required for the major.

B.A. Program in Psychology
Curriculum for Undergraduate Psychology Majors

As early in their studies as possible, and in the following order, students take:
• Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 101) (Prerequisite for all other Psychology courses, unless otherwise specified)
• Orientation to the Psychology Major (PSYC 102) 1 credit, (May be taken concurrently with PSYC 101)
• Introduction to Psychology as Human Science (PSYC 203) (Prerequisite for PSYC 410, 411, 412, and 413)

As early in their studies as possible (to fulfill both the prerequisite for PSYC 201 and the College Core Math requirement), students select one of the following:
• Fundamentals of Statistics (MATH 125)
• Introduction to Biostatistics (MATH 225)

Early in their studies students take:
• Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 201) (Prerequisite: MATH 125 or MATH 225) (Prerequisite for: PSYC 321, 345, 399, 480, and 499.)
• Brain, Behavior, and Cognition (PSYC 220)

Students select at least two of the following:
• Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence (PSYC 225W)
• Psychology of Personality (PSYC 228W)
• Social Psychology (PSYC 240W)
• Psychological Disorders (PSYC 252W)

Students select at least one of the following:
•Disabilities Across the World: A Search for Dignity (245)
•Anti-Semitism (271)
•Perspectives on Disability and Illness (324)
•Psych, Identity, and Film: Persp. African Cinema (335)
•Psychology of Gender (353)
•Psychology of Social/Cultural Diversity (PSYC 354)

Students must select six additional credits in Psychology courses (from the courses listed above and/or elective courses).

Students take:
•One from the following: Laboratory in Psychological Research (321), Existential Phenomenological Psychology (410), Post-structural and Critical Psychology (411), Psychoanalytic Psychology (412), or Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (413). 
•Psychology and Community Engagement (PSYC 480) (Prerequisite: Junior*/Senior status and 201). *Juniors may take with permission of instructor.
•Professional Preparation for Psychology Majors (PSYC 399) 1 credit. (Prerequisite: PSYC 102 and 201), this course should be completed in the second semester of junior year or first semester of senior year.

For a B.A. in Psychology: Students complete at least 35 credits in Psychology plus Statistics (MATH 125) or Biostatistics (MATH 225), with a grade of C or above in all of these courses. A minimum of 23 credits in Psychology must be taken at Duquesne University. Unless otherwise specified, all Psychology courses are 3 credits.

Recommended Course: The Department recommends that students take Philosophical Roots of Psychology (PHIL 322) as their Philosophy requirement for the College Liberal Arts Core.

Students who wish to declare Psychology as their major must meet with their academic advisor and complete the on-line "Major Declaration Form". Academic advisors must approve registration, drop-add, cross-registration, etc. The student meets with the advisor during every pre-registration and final registration period and at other times as needed during the year. Students can also schedule a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Programs (in Psychology) if they would like additional information about the Psychology Major.


Requirements for a minor are Psych 101, 203 and nine other credits in psychology. A minimum of nine credits in psychology must be taken at Duquesne University for the minor.