Drs. Charles Hanna and Mike Irwin

The Sociology Department

Sociology at Duquesne University offers students a greater understanding of the social structures and processes that underlie our daily lives, and an awareness of the possibilities of social-scientific research for increasing our understanding of society. Duquesne’s program in sociology provides a strong academic foundation.

To Understand Society

Teaching social theory and research methods, including Social Policy and Criminal Justice.

Basic Knowledge and Early Concentrations

Our core curriculum teaches social theory and research methods, which provide the basic knowledge necessary for graduate study or employment in the social sciences. Our elective courses offer knowledge relevant to specific areas of studentsc’ interests. For students who wish to wish to specialize early in their careers, we offer academic concentrations in Social Policy and Criminal Justice. Our concentration in Social Policy prepares students for graduate programs in social science and for research in government agencies, private research firms, the non-profit sector and other applied research areas. The Criminal Justice concentration provides substantive background for work or further education in the criminal justice field.

Learn about our undergraduate programs, course descriptions, Health and Human Services Certificate and Criminal Justice Certificate