University Core Courses

University Core Courses:

Social Justice:

• SOCI 101-Survey of Sociology
• SOCI 208-Race and Ethnicity
• SOCI 220-Environmental Sociology
• SOCI 222-Introduction to Peace and Justice
• SOCI 250-Italian Culture Through Film (Italian Campus only)
• SOCI 270-Anti-Semitism
• SOCI 272-Perspectives on the Holocaust

Global Diversity:

• SOCI 104-Cultural Anthropology
• SOCI 124-Global Sociology
• SOCI 220-Environmental Sociology
• SOCI 360-Italian Cultural Studies

Faith and Reason:

• SOCI 106-Social Problems, Social Policy
• SOCI 233-Sociology of Catholicism
• SOCI 333-Sociology of Religion