Spring Break-Away Programs

Spring Break Away Programs  


Offered spring odd years.

Register either as SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology or SOCI 220 Environmental Sociology. Both satisfy Global Diversity or Social Justice or Sociology requirements.

This course examines the types and varieties of societies as they have developed over human history. We will focus on the complex interactions between societies and their environment, compare how different types of societies adapt to specific environments, and evaluate how changing environments require changes in society. Belize is a particularly beautiful and interesting country where we can examine these issues

Professor: Dr. Michael Irwin

Prerequisites: This course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 18 students

More information: Dr. Michael Irwin (irwinm@duq.edu), Dept. Sociology 504a College Hall

Click below for a three minute video about Belize Breakaway.

Spring Break Away to Belize.