The Criminal Justice Concentration

A minimum of 33 semester hours is required for the concentration in Criminal Justice.

This program provides the student with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in preparation for advanced study or for career pursuits in areas including:

law enforcement

Required courses (18 credits):

101 Survey of Sociology
103 Introduction to Criminal Justice
200W Classical Sociological Theory
201 Research Methods
202 Quantitative Analysis
456 W Senior Seminar Criminal Justice

Nine of the remaining 15 credits must be selected from the following:

211 Social Deviance
212 Drugs and Society
213 Criminology
216 Delinquency and Society
218 Treatment and Community Corrections
222 Introduction to Peace and Justice
264 Police and Society
321 White Collar Crime
370 Gender, Crime and Justice
371 Race, Crime and Justice
409 Correctional Policy and Practice
421 Criminal Justice Policy
450 Fieldwork
454 Selected Readings

A minimum of six credits must be selected from other departmental offerings.

We require that at least six credits be selected from courses at the 300-level or above.