The Health and Human Services Minor and Certificate

This interdisciplinary program is based in the Departments of Sociology and Psychology. Students will take required courses in Sociology and Psychology, as well as elective courses in Health Sciences, Ethics, Philosophy, or History.

The minor and certificate in Health & Human Services will allow students to choose from one of three tracks, Gerontology, Human Services or Medical Health.

The certificate differs from the minor only in the additional requirement of three credits of fieldwork or internship in a health related placement.


15 credits


18 credits
Minor requirements plus 3 credits of fieldwork/internship in a gerontology, human services, or medical health related placement.


Gerontology, Human Services, Medical Health 

One must be chosen.
Each has two required courses plus 9 credits of approved electives, including at least one course from the School of Health Sciences.


o SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology or PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology
o SOCI 203 Sociology of Aging or PSYC 325 Developmental Psych: Adulthood & Aging
o 9 credits of approved electives

Human Services:

o SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology or PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology
o SOCI 219 Introduction to Human Services or SOCI 214 Helping Process
o 9 credits of approved electives

Medical Health:

o SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology or PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology
o SOCI 207 Sociology of Health & Illness or PSYC 252 Psychological Disorders 
o 9 credits of approved electives

Rangos School of Health Sciences Courses

HLTM 320 Healthcare Delivery & Organization
HLTM 350 Intro to Health Information Management
HLTM 325 Healthcare Human Resources Management
HLTM 333 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems
HLTM 492 Quality Performance in Healthcare (only for Health Management Systems students)
HLTS 200 Disparities in Health Care (only for Health Sciences students)
OCCT 305 Foundations & Concepts of OT (only for OT students)
OCCT 310 Occupational Performance across the Lifespan (only for OT students)
OCCT 416 Fundamentals of Practice (only for OT students)
SLP 245 Disabilities across the World: Search for Dignity


SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology 
SOCI 203 Sociology of Aging 
SOCI 207 Sociology of Health & Illness
SOCI 214 The Helping Process
SOCI 219 Introduction to Human Services
SOCI 315 Socialization & the Life Course
SOCI 398 Sociology of Death and Dying
SOCI 408 Population
SOCI 411 Aging and Mental Health
SOCI 415 Health, Illness & Social Policy
SOCI 441 Healthcare Ethics & Public Policy
SOCI 450 Fieldwork (3 credits)


PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology
PSYC 225W Developmental Psychology: Childhood & Adolescence
(not for Gerontology track)
PSYC 252 Psychological Disorders
PSYC 324 Perspectives on Disability and Illness
PSYC 354 Psychology of Social/Cultural Diversity
PSYC 228 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 325 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging
PSYC 390 Internship in Psychology (3 credits)


HIST 222 Flatlined: History and Politics of U.S. Healthcare


ENGL 316W Literature in Medicine


PHIL 314 Philosophy of Aging

Ethics Courses

Only one of the following ethics courses will count for the minor/certificate.
HCE 330 Global Bioethics
UCOR 253 Health Care Ethics (Theology)
UCOR 254 Health Care Ethics: Philosophy

Up to 6 credits can be shared with a student's major.