Eleanore Holveck Writing Contest

Eleanore Holveck writing contest and research awards criteria

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies invites submissions from undergraduate and
graduate students for the Eleanore Holveck Writing Awards, which recognize outstanding
writing and research projects in the fields of women's, gender and sexuality studies. Students
submitting projects for these awards do NOT need to be enrolled in the WGS
minor/major/concentration or certificate. Nor does the writing project have to have been written
in the context of a WGS cross-listed course. Any gender-focused paper or project written by a
Duquesne student in the context of their studies at Duquesne is eligible for consideration. In
addition to welcoming conventional academic essays and research papers, the awards committee
is also happy to consider websites, multi-media assignments, films and digital humanities
projects. Undergraduate submissions should not exceed 15 pages of writing or 30 minutes of
viewing time; graduate submissions should not exceed 25 pages or 45 minutes of viewing time.

Judges for the Holveck awards will use the following criteria to assess projects:

  •  The project effectively presents evidence and/or research findings relevant to the fields of women's, gender and/or sexuality studies.
  •  The project effectively advances our understanding of the gendered experiences of individuals and communities.
  •  The project considers the ways that institutions and structures of power shape gendered experience.

Since the awards committee will read submissions anonymously, please do not include your
name anywhere on the project. Please do specific, in the email in which you send the project,
whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student and what major or program you are in.

Congratulations to our 2021 Award Winners

Undergraduate research symposium prize: Bella Biancone (Political Science and History. Pronouns: she, her) for her project: "Mary Todd Lincoln: Duty and Depression."

Undergraduate research symposium prize: Julia Ciotti and Kayla Devlin (Both are seniors in the Nursing Honors program.) for their co-authored project: "Evidence Based Guidelines for Milk Collection."

Graduate research symposium prize: Stephanie Jacobs (School of Nursing) for her project: "Exploration of the cultural beliefs, values and practices of African American women regarding postpartum depression: A mini-focused ethnography"

Graduate research symposium prize: Olajumoke Oshokoya (School of Education in the program in Counseling, Psychology and Special Education) for her project: "Unpacking the Academic Interventions for Improving the
Academic Skills of Black Girls with Disabilities: A Scoping Review"

Undergraduate Holveck writing prize: Jillian Malcolm (English and Secondary Education program. Minoring in Intercultural Engagement) for her project: "Hip Hop Feminism, Black Womanhood and the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

Undergraduate Holveck writing prize: Hannah Valenty (Physics major and Mathematics minor) for her project:
"Fuel to the Fire: The Lacking Societal Response to Women's Labor Rights"

Graduate Holveck writing prize: Ollie Gratzinger (MFA Media Technology) for their project: "The Male Gaze, the Castrated Woman, and the Paradox of Phallocentrism."

Graduate Holveck writing prize: Skyler Sunday (MA program in English) for her project: "Novel Theatricality and the Archive." 

Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners

Undergraduate Research Symposium Award 2020

Undergraduate research symposium prize: Bella Biancone (Political Science and History. Pronouns: she, her) for her paper titled: "Female Roles in Antiquity: The Dichotomy Between the Stage and the Page"

Eleanore Holveck Essay Contest Winners 2020

Eleanore Holveck undergraduate writing prize: Lauren Humphreys (English major, class of 2020. Pronouns: she, her) for her paper titled: "Women on the Market in Westeros"

Eleanore Holveck graduate writing prize Courtney Mullis (English PhD program. Pronouns: she, her) for her paper titled: "Authenticity versus Sincerity: Racial and Gender Performativity in Danzy Senna's Caucasia"

Undergraduate Research Symposium Award 2018

Nursing students Sydney Cargill and Jazzlyn Horton for a project entitled "Barriers and Facilitators of Breastfeeding among Inner City African American Women."

Congratulations to the 2018 Essay Contest Winners

Undergraduate writing prize: Cayley Hoffman, for an essay focusing on representations of black fathers in works by the poet Robert Hayden and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The graduate writing prize was awarded to Rachael Owen for a paper focused on interpellation and transgender identity

Congratulations to the 2016 Essay Contest Winners

Ella Walsh, an undergraduate Nursing major and WGS minor for her essay, "Back to Basics: Baring the Breast," which was written for Dr. Jessica Devido's Nursing for Women and Children's Health course.

Erica Freeman, a doctoral student in the Psychology Department and WGS Graduate Certificate student for her essay, "Self-construction via Self-starvation: A Foucauldian Comparative Analysis of Writings of Self-Starvation," written for Dr. Fred Evans's Foucault course.

We thank Drs. Faith Barrett, Laura Engel, Moni McIntyre, and Sarah Miller for volunteering to serve as judges of this contest.

Each spring the Center for Women's and Gender Studies honors one undergraduate and one graduate student with the Eleanore Holveck Essay Award. This award is given to students for essays that follow the submission guidelines and that most effectively and proficiently advance a conversation about women's, gender, or sexuality studies. Winners of this contest receive a certificate and monetary award and are announced at our annual Spring Reception.

Past Undergraduate Student Recipients

2015 Award Winner: Rachel Willis, "The Woman with the Dark Eyes: The Impact of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on the Palestinian Women's Movement"

2014 Award Winner: Amy Dick, "Sheridan's Commentary on Gender Roles in The Memoirs of Sidney Bidulph"

2013 Award Winner: Sarah Farbacher, "A Kiss That Crosses Time: An Analysis of the Kiss(es) in Michael Cunningham's The Hours"

2012 Award Winner: Katelyn Bienas, "'Double Image,' Double Standards: Gender Roles in the Poetry of Anne Sexton"

2011 Award Winner: Michelle Raley, "Jane Austen's Treatment of Silence: Pride and Prejudice vs. Mansfield Park"

2010 Award Winner: Dacey McGinty, "Independent Girls...Unless They Have a Boy"

2009 Award Winner: Maria K. Barron, "The Sacred Mother: The Showings of Julian of Norwich and Redemption of the Female in Medieval Literature"

2008 Award Winner: Brian Tierney, "Deadwood, Language, and the Engendered Myth of the Old West"

Past Graduate Student Recipients

2015 Award Winner: Will Powell, "'It means I don't know what I am': Christological Liminality in Disability and Queerness"

2014 Award Winner: Sugandh Dixit, "Whose Body Am I Living In?"

2013 Award Winner: Jessica Patella Konig, "Francis Bacon on Nature: The Secret, the Erotic, the Dominated"

2012 Award Winner: Melissa Wehler, "The Public Jordan: Actresses, Caricatures, and Chamber Pots in the Eighteenth Century"

2011 Award Winner: Marcie Panutsos, "Naming the Unspeakable: Constructions of Multicultural Identity in The Woman Warrior"

2010 Award Winner: Matt Lovett, "The Flesh of the Feminine? Merleau-Ponty and Irigaray"

2010 Honorable Mention: Amy Criniti Phillips, "'I want to serve two masters': Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Revision of the Female Consumer in The Doctor's Wife"

2009 Award Winner: Mary J. Parish, "9/11 and the Limitations of the 'Man's Man' Construction of Masculinity in Don DeLillo's Falling Man"

2009 Honorable Mention: Megan M. Kelly, "Gender vs. Race: Constructing Conflict and Perpetuating Racial Patriarchy"

2008 Award Winner: Amy Taylor, "Locating Feminine Gender Identity: Questioning Primary Femininity"