Women's and Gender Studies Events

Past Events

Gender Neutral Fashion Show
Panel and fashion show featuring Stuart Frick, designer; Jess Jack, PhD candidate in English; Jayme Jenkins, PhD Candidate in Psychology, and Dr. Laura Engel, English.

Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom: Serving Students as Allies.
Panel and discussion featuring Emma Shirey, English and Writing major; Ryan Pontzloff, English and Education major; Jess Jack, PhD candidate in English; and Monica Lawson, PhD candidate in Psych

Moonlight Screening, Panel, and Discussion
Panel discussion featuring Dr. Robin Chapdelaine, Rachel Coury (Undergraduate, Psychology), Dr. John Fried, Allie Reznik (PhD Candidate, English), Brianna Sargent (Undergraduate, Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies), Megan Toomer (Undergraduate, Political Science, Psychology, African Studies), Danielle Vecchione (Undergraduate, Education)

"Strategies for Using Gender-Inclusive Language in the Classroom and Beyond" 
Panel discussion featuring Andrei Antonescu (Undergraduate, Business), Daniea Baslan (Undergraduate, International Relations, Political Science), Monica Lawson (PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology), Dr. Christopher Meidl (Assistant Professor, Education), Josie Rush (PhD Candidate, English), Dr. Elisabeth Vasko (Associate Professor, Theology), Danielle Vecchione (Undergraduate, Education)

"Words Matter: A Conversaton about Gender-inclusive and Non-sexist Language"
Panel discussion featuring John Hadlock and Josie Rush (English), Dr. Alison Colbert (Nursing), Dr. Sarah MacMillan (Sociology) and student leaders from the Gender Forum and Lambda: the Gender and Sexuality Alliance

"Race, Empire, and Colonial Masculinity during the South Africa War: 1899 - 1902"
John Mitcham

"Must Survivors of Sexual Violence Disclose their Assaults? Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, and the Role of the Confidant"
Ann Cahill

"Preserving the City: Seen and Unseen"
History Department Forum

"Gender, Race, and Politics"
Khadija T. Diggs, Esq.

"Writing Romance in the 21st Century"
Gwyn Cready

"Women Making Change: Strategies for Empowerment Opportunity, and Success"
Panel discussion featuring Celeta Hickman, Jenn Van Dam, and Teneshya Wiliams

"Gender and Hip Hop"
Amber Epps

"Computational Methods in Authorship Studies: Willa Cather as a Case Study"
Matt Lavin

"Critical Philosophies of Life"
Women in Philosophy Conference

"The 'Big Women' of Colonial Nigeria: A Gendered Analysis of Wealth Accumulation and Moneylending"
Robin Chapdelaine

"Cross-Currents: Finding Fluidity in Identity, Discipline, and Media"
English Graduate Organization Conference

"Digital Prosthesis: A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding the Problem of Non-Consensual Pornography"
P.J. Ray

"Body Histories" Pop-Up Museum
Alima Bucciantini

"Imag(e)ining: Heroic Masculinity and its Failures in the Virginia Watercolors of Benjamin Henry Latrobe"
Julia Sienkewicz

"love and justice. creativity and courage; tamir rice, a broken taillight, and how to stay alive when no one wants to look you in the eye."
Vanessa German

"Women's Bodies: The Road and The Map"
Jan Beatty

"Venuses in Prison and Colony: Abjection and Neoclassical Fashion in the 1790s"
Amelia Rauser

Snowflakes in the Cemetery
A Contemporary Ballet