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GSIP Information

The Graduate Students in Philosophy (GSIP) collaborates with the department to support faculty-organized conferences and activities. GSIP organizes an annual conference, as well as hosting a Colloquia Series, in which current graduate students are encouraged to present their work. Additionally, the GSIP assists the faculty and department administration in coordinating department-wide social events.

GSIP Officers, 2019–2020

Executive Board

Aaron Higgins-Brake - President
Mackenzie Foster - Vice President
Molly Wallace - Treasurer
Millie Marshall - Secretary

Standing Committees

Event Planning Committee - TBD in Fall 2019
University Liaison Committee - TBD in Fall 2019
Finance and Appropriations Committee - TBD in Fall 2019
Communications Committee - TBD in Fall 2019

GSIP Annual Conference Information

Each year the Graduate Students in Philosophy (GSIP) work together to organize a conference based on a topic and paired keynote voted on early in the year. While the President and Vice President of GSIP are the ones chiefly involved in organizing the conference itself, any graduate student can submit possible conference topics and keynotes as well as help review submissions. These conferences bring together a wide array of submissions from across the world and have hosted many brilliant keynote speakers.

Any questions about GSIP conferences should be directed to the current President of GSIP, Zach Slanger.

Thirteenth Annual Conference/Workshop: February 23, 2019

Conference/Workshop Title: "The Ascetic and the Ecstatic: The Limits of Pleasure"

Keynote Speaker: Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College

Past Conferences

Twelfth Annual Conference/Workshop: March 24, 2018

Conference/Workshop Title: "Memory"

Keynote Speaker: Chiara Bottici, The New School for Social Research

Eleventh Annual Conference/Workshop: March 17-18, 2017

Workshop Title: "On Forgiveness and War"

Keynote Speaker: Adrian Switzer, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Tenth Annual Conference: March 18-19, 2016

Conference Title: "Reason and Its Limits"

Keynote Speaker: Patrick Miller, Duquesne University

Ninth Annual Conference: February 21, 2015

Conference Title: “Ideology, Imaginary, Illusion: The Reality of the Unreal

Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Comay, University of Toronto

Eighth Annual Conference: February 20, 2014

Conference Title: “Philosophy of Time”

Keynote Speaker: Martin Hägglund, Yale University

Seventh Annual Conference: February 23, 2013

Conference Title: “Philosophy and Nature”

Keynote Speaker: Adrian Johnston, University of New Mexico

Sixth Annual Conference: February 18, 2012

Conference Title: “Aesthetics and Politics”

Keynote Speaker: Gabriel Rockhill, VIllanova University

Fifth Annual Conference: April 2, 2011

Conference Title: “Wonder Manifested”

Keynote Speaker: David Bollert, Manhattan College

Fourth Annual Conference: April 10, 2010

Conference Title: “Thinking Desire”

Keynote Speaker: Babette Babich, Fordham University

Third Annual Conference: March 28, 2009

Conference Title: “Why Nietzsche? Which Nietzsche?”

Keynote: Kathleen Higgins, University of Texas at Austin

Second Annual Conference: February 23, 2008

Conference Title: “Ancient Friends in Contemporary Thinking.”

Keynote: John Sallis, Boston College

First Annual Conference: March 24, 2007

Conference Title: “Symbioses: Political Ontology and a New Metaphysics”

Keynote: Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University