Computer Systems Technology

The Computer Systems Technology (CST) Program is an innovative online degree program that offers working professionals, military personnel, and other motivated students an opportunity to complete their Baccalaureate coursework in the field of computing technology. The Bachelor of Science in CST curriculum offers a blend of computer systems and information technology that creates a well-rounded professional who knows how to think analytically, assess and diagnose organizational problems, and select the best solution. As a result, CST graduates will be prepared to address the complexities of real-world technology issues, and to adapt to future developments in this fast-paced and dynamic field.

Students will learn:
• A thorough understanding of the technical knowledge, research findings, skills and methodologies encompassing computers, communications and software, with an emphasis on technology and information systems.

• How to design, create and manage modern information systems and employ technologies to solve complex problems in organizations.

• An understanding of computer systems and information technology that develops analytical thinking and problem-solving.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for information specialists is expected to grow faster than average, with regional demand for computer software engineers, computer specialists, systems analysts, and network and systems administrators increasing from 11 to 50 percent over a ten-year period. CST graduates will be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities to start new careers in computing, or further an existing career path.