Computer Systems Technology Curriculum

As with many Duquesne University programs, The Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Technology degree incorporates four required courses to build a solid foundation and six additional courses from a list of 15 options to let you choose the ones that best meet your interests and goals. At least 6 of these hours must be taken at the 400 level.

University Core - 33 credits
College Core - 12 credits
Computer Systems Technology - 30 credits

Required Courses
• Introduction to Computer Systems Technology
• Introduction to Information Systems and Design
• Introduction to Programming
• Leadership Trends in IT (Capstone Course)

Students also choose six elective courses from the following options
• Information Technology for Modern Organizations
• Project Management and Execution
• Technical Communication and Writing
• Web Technologies and Applications I
• Web Technologies and Applications II
• Introduction to Python Programming
• Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing Technology
• Data Visualization
• Computer Programming II
• Problem Solving with Information Systems and Technology
• Database Management Systems
• Network Operating Systems
• Data Mining And Business Analytics
• Cyber Security
• Fundamentals of Computing Networks

Electives - 45 credits
With the flexibility to support your personal interests and career goals and the foundation employers expect, this program positions you to ride the wave of a growing opportunity.