Careers in Forensic Science

Will this major prepare me for a career in forensic science?

No. This secondary or supporting major is not designed to prepare you for a career in forensic science. It is not a technical degree; it is a set of courses focusing attention on the nature, structure, investigation, and communication of evidence and is designed to enhance a primary major. The major or minor in Forensic Humanities is designed to enhance and strengthen the work you’re already doing in a primary major. The major provides additional work in a skill set directly relevant to many careers involving decision-making, examination of evidence, and judgment--just about any career you're likely to enter.

What careers can I pursue if I add a major in Forensic Humanities to my current major?

The nature of the career you are likely to enter with this supporting major in Forensic Humanities is identical to the career you would enter with your primary major. The purpose of this supporting or secondary major or minor is to enhance a primary major, not to replace it.

I would like to major in Forensic Humanities but don't yet have a primary major. What should I do?

Any major in the liberal arts is an excellent primary major for a supporting major in Forensic Humanities. This secondary major will give you additional experience in examining and evaluating evidence. In our  information-saturated world, it is vitally important to distinguish reliable from unreliable evidence to make wise decisions in every walk of life.