Intercultural Competency: Becoming Global Citizens

Intercultural Competency: Becoming Global Citizens (CLPR 352) is a "must" for every student returning from study abroad. This one-credit on-line seminar will give you the opportunity to

  • Compare notes--and pictures, and stories--with others who have had a similar life-altering experience.
  • Learn how to extract the lessons that will help you succeed throughout your life in working with people from other cultures, whether you're right here in the U.S.A., or whether your interests take you abroad again.

The seminar will help you to:

  • Gain fresh insights into your experience of living or working in another culture by helping you to "process" your feelings and behaviors
  • Expand your understanding of your own American culture
  • Explore how other cultures view the U.S. and our place in the world
  • Identify and analyze common cross-cultural issues, including those you  encountered in your stay abroad
  • Develop more effective intercultural communication skills
  • Identify and appreciate practices, perspectives and beliefs of cultures different from your own.

The Intercultural Competency seminar will help the "new you" fit back into the "old culture" while providing you with the perspectives and skills you need to transfer the lessons you've learned abroad to other new situations and cultures.

About the Seminar

The seminar is offered every semester for students who have completed their foreign study or international internship.

The prerequisites are study abroad or an international internship plus one course on other cultures or societies. Examples of courses that will meet this prerequisite are:

  • Intercultural Communication (COMM 114 or 407)
  • Global Sociology (SOC 204)
  • Cultural Anthropology (SOC 104)
  • French Culture and Civilization (MLGFR 460), German Culture and Civilization (MLGGE 320), Italian Culture and Civilization (MLGIT 326), Japanese Culture and Civilization (MLGJA 327), Spanish Culture and Society (MLGSP 310W), Latin American Culture and Society (MLGSP 311W), or Spanish Culture and Civilization (MLGSP 327)
  • Sociocultural Systems and Networks (OCCTH 460)
  • Social and Cultural Issues in Physical Therapy (PHYTH 460)
  • Any language course at the 202 level
  • Another course that introduces you to a culture or cultures different from your own.