Interdisciplinary Majors, Minors and Certificates

African Studies

The Center for African Studies offers a secondary major for any student.

Business Certificate

Study jointly with the Palumbo Donohue School of Business to build business savvy while you study what you love.


Understand what motivates people and how often-conflicting values affect behavior in the marketplace.

Health and Human Services Certificate/Minor

Acquire a greater understanding of the vast field of health and human services, and prepare ethically and professionally for a career in helping others.

Intercultural Engagement

Develop understanding and skills for communicating and working across cultures with an international competence important to succeed in the global community.

International Relations

Hone your awareness of the historical, political and cultural forces that shape the interactions between states, international organizations, multi-national corporations and other international actors.

International Security Studies

Study the ethical, moral, religious and legal limitations imposed on conflict in the modern era, as well as a raft of case studies illustrating efforts at managing conflict.

Jewish Studies

Understand the Jewish identity and heritage and gain an appreciation for the similarities and differences between Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor offers a multifaceted program of study in the history, literature, philosophy, theology, art, architecture, language and legacy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Keep the music in your life while you earn your degree with a minor from the Mary Pappert School of Music

Peace Justice and Conflict Resolution

Search for solutions to help create a more peaceful and just world.

Pre-Health Professions

Health professionals come from all disciplines; not surprisingly, many have a Liberal Arts background. 

Public Health

Explore population-level approaches to protecting and improving health with a Public Health minor from the Rangos School of Health Sciences

Self-designed Major

Built your own major around a theme that brings together courses in both the humanities and social sciences.

Women's and Gender Studies

Further your awareness of gender issues to prepare for careers in the arts, business, education, journalism, law, science and social services.

World Literature

Study literary works from many countries and time periods in their original language or English translation.