Examples of Self-designed Majors

Following are examples of sets of courses that a student might propose for a self-designed major. They are given here only for illustration.

Catholic History, Thought and Experience

ENGL 402 Special Studies: Catholicism and Literature
HIST 305 Rome: City of Emperors, Popes, and Saints
HIST 336 Catholic Church to 1800
HIST 401 Medieval Europe
PHIL 219 Introduction to Christian Thought
PHIL 350 Elements of Thomistic Thought
PHIL 420 Saint Augustine
PSYC 350 Psychology and Religion
SOCI 333 Sociology of Religion
THEO 258 Catholicism
THEO 331 The Church in the Modern World
THEO 335 Theology of the Sacraments

Theories and Methods in the Social Sciences

ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
HIST 336 History of Science
PHIL 304 Later Modern Philosophy
POSC 317 Western Political Thought I
POSC 318 Western Political Thought II
POSC 427 Quantitative Analysis
PSYC 410 Existential-Phenomenological Psychology
PSYC 420 Research Methods in Psychology
SOCI 201 Sociological Methods I
SOCI 300 History of Social Thought
SOCI 301 Contemporary Sociological Theory

Understanding the Islamic World

COMM 407 Intercultural Communication
COMM 414 Rhetoric, Religion, and Society
ENGL 403 Special Studies: Literature across Boundaries
HIST 254 The History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 451 Christianity and Islam: Clash of Empires
PHIL 301 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 450 Islamic Philosophy
POSC 209 Comparative Political Systems: Developing States
POSC 407 Terrorism
POSC 412 Arab-Israeli Conflict
PSYC 350 Psychology and Religion
SOCI 333 Sociology of Religion
"I selected classes across several disciplines that have helped define, support, and challenge my personal ideologies concerning social justice." Peter Sluk

"I learned how to approach a situation, learn about it, and form my own opinion. I learned how to think for myself!" Diane Amdor