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Alumni Placement


Name            Degree Dissertation Title Position/Location
Michael Afolabi           Ph.D.              Public Health Disasters: A Global Ethical Framework
Saleh Alnahdi Ph.D. The Ethical Obligation for Disclosure of Medical Error in the Intensive Care Unit
Aiyub  Alwehaibi  Ph.D. Altruism, Autonomy, and Human Dignity for the Sustainibility of Post-Mortal Organ Donation
Kiarash Aramesh  Ph.D. An Ethical Framework for Global Governance for Health Research Visiting Scholar-Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Ahmed Bukhari  Ph.D. Universal Principles of Bioethics and Patient Rights in Saudi Arabia
Dozie R. Egbe DHCE An Ethical Argument for a Specific Model of Palliative Care in Nigeria
Katherine D. McCord  Ph.D. The Ethics of Futility Across the Age Continuum
Stella Morden Ph.D. The Ethical Right to Health Care in the Affordable Care Act
Jordan Potter  Ph.D. Revamping the United States Organ Donation System: An Ethical Justification for Compensated Live Organ Donation Postdoctoral Fellow in Advanced Bioethics-Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
Philip Taraska  Ph.D. How Can the Use of Human Enhancement (HE) Technologies in the Military be Ethically Assessed?
Fr. John Twinomujuni  Ph.D. Truth Telling Beyond Borders: An African Perspective
Name Degree Dissertation Title Position/Location
Melissa S. Berdell DHCE The Social Obligation to Reduce Stigma in order to Increase Utilization of Mental Health Services Assistant Vice President of Payment Integrity at Beacon Health Options, Inc. in Boston, MA.
Thahab Omar Hawsa MA
Barbara Postol  Ph.D. Adopting The UNESCO Ethics Model To Critique Disease Mongering Project Manager, PaTH Project at the University of Pittsburgh, Center for Research on Health Care
Name Degree Dissertation Title Position/Location
Sharon Higginbothan Ph.D. A New Model for the Ethical Analysis of Care for Refugee Women who Experience Female Genital Cutting Director of Operations at Bethlehem Haven
Jim Benedict Ph.D. Covenant Consent: A Revised Consent Model for Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation Sr. Pastor, Union Bridge Church of the Brethren, Maryland, USA.
Alex Garvey Ph.D. Organizational Ethics For Sponsorship and Governance In Catholic Healthcare Senior Vice President of Mission for Bon Secours Saint Francis Health System, Greenville, SC
Shelley Kobuck Ph.D. Moral Courage: A Requirement for Ethical Decision Making in Nursing Home Leadership

Senior Vice President of Operations, Affinity Health Services
Indiana, PA, USA

Jillian Walsh Ph.D. An Enhanced Model for Parental Decision Making for Pediatric Care Healthcare IT Business Analyst
Premier, Inc, Charlotte, NC, USA
Aimee Zellers Ph.D. Rethinking Ethics Assessment in Health technology Assessment: A Non-Linear Approach Atkins Chair for Ethics, Dept. of Philosophy
Carlow University, Carlow, PA, USA

Name Degree Dissertation Title Position/Location
Josie N. Badger DHCE A Requirement of Justice: A Consistent Approach to Healthcare for Elders and Adolescents with Chronic Needs Co-Director, RAISE Center
Kathleen D. Gennuso DHCE Reexamining the obligation for patient advocacy in healthcare facilities CEO & Founder, Institute of Consultative Bioethics Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Lianne Glaus DHCE Ethical Justification of the Practice of Palliative Sedation as Part of a Continuum of Palliative Care Social Work Case Manager, Heritage Valley Health System, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Evaristus Obi Ph.D. An Ethical Justification for Post-Trial Access to Anti-Retroviral Drugs for Participants and Host populations in Developing Countries: A Global Justice Perspective Behavioral Specialist Consultant, Community Psychiatric Centers, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Sarah Stockey DHCE The Ethical Contract Between the Catholic Concept of Personal Dignity and the Secular Concept of Procreative Liberty for Interfility Treatment Clinical Instructor, Duquesne University, Ethics Consultant, UPMC Mercy Hospital, Adjunct Professor, Carlow University Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Name Degree Title Postition/Location
Erin L. McKinley DHCE Enhancing the Model of Constrained Parental Autonomy Regarding Decision-Making for Minors Manager of Ethics, Bon Secours Health System Suffolk, VA, USA
Jessica L. Minor Ph.D. A Revised Model for Informed Consent in Predictive Genetic Testing Assistant Professor Health Science, Bob Jones University Greenvile, SC, USA
Rev. Dr. John Mary K. Mooka Ph.D. The Ethical Balance Between Individual and Population Health Interests to Effectively Manage Pandemics and Epidemics Faculty, Institute of Ethics and Development Studies, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda
Rev. Peter Osuji, C.S.Sp. Ph.D. The Contribution of African Traditional Medicine For A Model of Relational Autonomy in Informed Consent Assistant Professor, Center for Healthcare Ethics, Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Amy M. Vandyke Ph.D. An Ethical Justification of Weight Loss Surgery System Ethicist, Mt. Carmel Health System, OH, USA
Name Degree Title Position/Location
Leonard T. Chuwa, A.J. Ph.D. Interpreting the Cluture of Ubuntu:  The Contribution of a Representative Indigenous Africa Ethics to Global Bioethics  Systems Director of Bioethics, St. Vincent's Healthcare Jacksonville, FL, USA
Sr. Theadora Krause, CSFN Ph.D. The Ethical Significance of the Virtuous Organization Inspired by Catholic Mission for the Delivery of Health Care  Ethicist/Nurse Practitioner at Veterans Health Administration
Steven J. Squires Ph.D. Interpreting Materical Cooperation as a Function of Moral Development to Guide Ministry Formation Director of Ethics, Mercy Health Cinncinati, OH
Katherine Wilt Ph.D. Simulation-based Learning in Healthcare Ethics Education Consultant in Healthcare Ethics, Education, and Simulation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Name Degree Title Position/Location
R. Dennis Macaleer Ph.D. The Contribution of Foundational New Testament Theological Themes to the Meaning of Basic Bioethics Principles Pastor, Level Green Presbyterian Church, Trafford, PA, USA
Prior 2011
Name Degree Position/Location
Marianne Burda Ph.D. Medical Bioethics Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Elizabeth K. Chaitin DHCE Director of Hospital Based Palliative Care Services,UPMC Palliative and Supportive Institue, UPMC Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Thomas C. Foreman DHCE Director of Clinical and Organizational Ethics, The Ottawa Hospital Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Robert M. Frampton, MPT DHCE Director, Physical Therapy, University of Mount Union Alliance, OH, USA
Elizabeth Moore DHCE Palliative Care Coordinator, Heritage Valley Health System
Jessica A. Moore DHCE Assistant Professor, Dpt. Critical Care, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX, USA
Hellen D. Ransom DHCE Teaching Assistant Professor, Dpt. Of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies, East Carolina University Greenville, NC, USA
Jennifer M. Shaw DHCE
Vannessa G. Vassar-Bush DHCE
Valerie B. Violi-Satkoske Ph.D. Ethics Director, Wheeling Hospital,     Professor of Ethics and Aging, University Center for Social and Urban Research Pittsburgh, PA, USA