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Welcome to Duquesne's gaming of SIMULEX. Written by Robert Pfaltzgraff, Ph.D. of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Duquesne is allowed to game this scenario by his kind permission.

Each year, the Duquesne Program on Crisis Management conducts Simulex Duquesne, a major crisis management exercise in which participants assume the roles of national policy makers in an international scenario. Held over a two-day period, the exercise focuses on a highly realistic scenario involving the United States and other world actors. Simulex Duquesne exposes students to the potential constraints and opportunities facing policy makers. As representatives of various national and non-state actor teams, participants are asked to make critical decisions in the interest of their respective countries as they attempt to resolve the crisis.



DPRK (Alumni Team) - Arthur Arnett, Patrick Channell, Brandon keip, Leah Shiferaw

JAPAN (Alumni Team) - Eleanor Duong, Bruna Krupek, Alexander Ruiz, Alexandra Parisi

PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) - Zack Blystone, Gabriella DeStefano, Timothy Foye, Michael Gibbons, Luke Stegeman, Capri veltri, Taylor Wadsworth, Abigail Zadrozny

SOUTH KOREA - Alexandra Asman, Christopher Csop, Veronique Dagenais, Craig LiPuma, Cameron McKinley, Aidan McLaughlin, Sebastian Narvaez-Medina, Melissa Sidun

TAIWAN - Rowan Atwell, Anna Collins, Kennedy Houck, Alexis Jimenez, Sydney Martini, Regan McGovern, Mary Elise Pieters

US - Enzo Bellisario, Megan Bohatch, Cheyenne Cenk, Annamaria Ortiz, Gaetano Scalise, Joshua Smith, Hao Yu

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