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Kenneth E. Andersen

Keynote Speaker: Communication Ethics and Argument

Kenneth E. Andersen (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A. University of Northern Iowa) is Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of Persuasion: Theory and Practice and Introduction to Communication Theory and Practice as well as chapters in various books and journal articles on communication ethics, debate and forensics, academic governance, and politics. He served as president of the Speech Communication Association, Association for Communication Administration and as President and Executive Secretary of the Central States Communication Association and as editor of two journals. Administrative roles at the University of Illinois include Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Interim Head of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Acting Head of the Department of Speech Communication, and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He served several terms as chair of the campus Senate Executive Committee and of the University Senates Conference and more than two decades as Parliamentarian of the campus Senate. He served on the National Council of the American Association of University Professors and chaired three standing committees. He is a former chair of the Faculty Advisory Council to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and former treasurer of the State Universities Retirement Association. He served for more than a decade on the Board of Visitors of the Defense Information School. He has taught at the Universities of Colorado, Michigan, Southern California and Illinois at Chicago.

Susan Petrilli

Keynote Speaker: Communication Ethics and Semiotics

Susan A. Petrilli is qualified as Full Professor of Philosophy and Theory of Languages at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro," Italy, where she teaches Semiotics and Semiotics of translation, and directed the PhD program in Language Theory and Sign Science from 2012 to 2016. Currently she is also Visiting Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide, South Australia.

She has lectured as International Visiting Professor at various universities worldwide including in Australia, China, USA, Canada, South Africa, and across Europe, and has held courses regularly in Brazil at Universities in San Carlos, Campinas, Vittoria and San Paolo.

In addition to sitting on the advisory board of several international institutions and organizational committees for the promotion of sign and language studies globally, she is 7th Sebeok Fellow of the Semiotic Society of America, Fellow of the International Communicology Institute (ICI), and vice-President of the International Association for Semiotic Studies.

She directs various book series in Italy and in 2016 founded the series "Reflections on Signs and Language" with Peter Lang publishers in Berne, Switzerland. She is invited member of the scientific committee of several international journals.

Her principal research interests relate to such areas as Philosophy of Language, Semiotics, General Linguistics, Translation Theory, Cultural Studies, Communication Studies.

With Augusto Ponzio she has introduced the seminal concept of "semioethics".

As translator and editor she has contributed to spreading the ideas of such figures as Victoria Welby, Charles Peirce, Giovanni Vailati, Gérard Deledalle, Charles Morris, Thomas Sebeok, Mikhail Bakhtin, Emmanuel Levinas, Adam Schaff, Ferruccio Rossi-Landi, Giorgio Fano and Umberto Eco.

She publishes regularly in English and Italian. In addition to numerous book chapters and essays in international journals and miscellanies, she has edited many collective volumes and translated many others.
Her book titles include: The Self as a Sign, the World and the Other (2013), Em outro lugar e de outro modo (2013), Sign Studies and Semioethics. Communication, Translation and Values (2014), Riflessioni sulla teoria del linguaggio e dei segni (2014), Victoria Welby and the Science of Signs (2015), Nella vita dei segni (2015), (in collab. with A. Ponzio) Semioetica e comunicazione globale (2014) and Lineamenti di semiotica e di filosofia del linguaggio (2016). Her most recent monograph is The Global World and Its Manifold Faces. Otherness as the Basis of Communication (2016), followed by the volumes Digressioni nella storia. Dal tempo del sogno al tempo della globalizzazione (2017), Challenges to Living Together. Transculturalism, Migration, Exploitation. For a Semioethics of Human Relations (2017), and for the book series Athanor, Fedi, credenze e fanatismo (Faiths, Beliefs and Fanaticism, ed. 2016), Pace, pacificazione, pacifismo e i loro linguaggi (Peace, pacification, pacifism and their languages, ed. 2017), and L'immagine nella parola, nella musica e nella pittura (The image in the word, in music and in painting, ed. 2018).

In addition to English and Italian her writings are available in Portughese, Spanish, French, German, Serb, Greek, Chinese.

Email: susan.petrilli@gmail.com; website: www.susanpetrilli.com

Patrick Lee Plaisance

Keynote Speaker: Communication Ethics and Communities of Practice

Patrick Lee Plaisance is the Don W. Davis Professor in Ethics at the Bellisario College of Communications at Pennsylvania State University. He received his Ph.D. in mass communications from Syracuse University in 2002. His research focuses on media ethics theory, moral psychology theory and methods, and the morally relevant factors that influence the decisions of media professionals. He is author of a textbook, Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice (SAGE, 2nd Ed., 2014), and Virtue in Media: The Moral Psychology of Excellence in News and Public Relations (Routledge, 2015). He is editor of The Handbook of Communication & Media Ethics, under contract with the Berlin-based publisher DeGruyter Mouton. He also serves as Editor of the Journal of Media Ethics, which is the flagship journal for peer-reviewed research in the field. He has published more than two dozen journal articles and book chapters. He had a career of nearly 15 years as a newspaper journalist in New Jersey, south Florida and Virginia.

Andre E. Johnson

Keynote Speaker: Communication Ethics and Crisis

Dr. Andre E. Johnson is an Assistant Professor in the department of communication at the University of Memphis. He teaches classes in African American Public Address, Rhetoric, Race, and Religion, Media Studies, Interracial Communication, Rhetoric and Popular Culture, and Hip Hop Studies. He is currently editing the works of AME Church Bishop Henry McNeal Turner under the title The Literary Archive of Henry McNeal Turner (Edwin Mellen Press). He has already published the first six volumes, with the seventh one set for publication in 2019.

Dr. Johnson is also the curator and director of the Henry McNeal Turner Project (#HMTProject)--a digital archival project that focuses on writings from Bishop Turner. He is also the author of The Forgotten Prophet: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the African American Prophetic Tradition (2012) and the editor of Urban God Talk: Constructing a Hip Hop Spirituality (2013) both with Lexington Books. He also serves as the founder and managing editor of the popular Rhetoric Race and Religion Blog and the general editor of the Rhetoric Race and Religion book series with Lexington Books.

Dr. Johnson has presented academic papers at national, regional, and state conferences--winning awards at each level. He has published essays in the Howard Journal of Communications, Southern Journal of Communication, Carolina Communication Annual, Black Theology Journal, The New York Times, Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric and The Journal of African American History. He holds membership in several national, regional and state associations in the areas of Communication, History, African American Studies and Religious Studies.

In addition to his work on Bishop Turner, Dr. Johnson maintains an eclectic research agenda. Ongoing research projects explore the nexus between rhetoric and theology, Black Lives Matter, religion and politics, the religious rhetoric of Barack Obama and W.E.B. Du Bois, the rhetoric of Martin Luther King Jr., and more recently, the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

Augusto Ponzio

Plenary Speaker

Augusto Ponzio is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theory of Languages, University of Bari "Aldo Moro". At the same university he founded the department of Philosophy of language in 1970 and the Doctoral Program in Language Theory and Sign Sciences in 1988 (which he directed until 2012). He directs several book series including "Athanor", founded in 1990 (now at its XXVIIIth edition). Most recently with Susan Petrilli he has founded the book series "Reflections on Signs and Language", Peter Lang publishers.

His research interests develop at the intersections between Philosophy of Language, General Linguistics, Semiotics, Biosemiotics and Literary Theory. In addition to numerous essays and articles, to edited and translated volumes, he has published widely as author in Italy and abroad.

As translator and editor he has promoted the works of Peter of Spain, Mikhail Bakhtin, Roland Barthes, Emmanuel Lévinas, Karl Marx, Ferruccio Rossi-Landi, Adam Schaff, Thomas A. Sebeok.

Most recently he has published the bilingual edition (Russian / Italian): Michail Bachtin e il suo circolo, Opere 1919-1930, translation (in collab. with L. Ponzio), introduction and comment by A. Ponzio, Milan, Bompiani (="Il pensiero occidentale"), 2014; and Roland Barthes, Il discorso amoroso, Seminar held at the l'École pratique des autes études 1974-1978, followed by Frammenti di un discorso amoroso, translated and edited by A. Ponzio, Milan, Mimesis, 2014.

He has acted as International Visiting Professor at various universities worldwide - Australia, China, Brazil, USA, Canada, South Africa, and across Europe. He lectures on a regular basis in Brazil, at the Universities of San Carlos, Campinas and Brazil.

His works are translated in various languages including French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.

See the Wikipedia entry, Augusto Ponzio. Email: augustoponzio@libero.it; website: www.augustoponzio.com