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How to Apply



For Fall semester enrollment: Preference given to applicants whose materials are received by February 1. Will accept applicant materials after February 1 based on program availability.
For Spring semester enrollment: All materials must be received by November 1.


  • 3.0 GPA in overall undergraduate studies
  • at least a 3.1 GPA in undergraduate History Major
  • Candidates who have the equivalent of a minor in History (15 credits) will be seriously considered if they have earned at least a 3.2 GPA in that minor.
  • Other candidates for graduate study in History who have a limited undergraduate background in History but show a strong intellectual potential may be admitted on a provisional basis. Provisional admittance may require the student to take additional coursework and/or demonstrate superior performance in initial courses before formal, full admission is granted.
  • Preferred GRE scores are those above the 50th percentile in the verbal portion and a minimum writing score of 4.0. GRE scores, in combination with GPAs and written materials, also play a role in financial awards.


1. FIRST STEP: Online Application and GRE Reporting

1. Free Online Application 

2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

  • Duquesne University code: 2196
  • Department code (History--Other): 2799

For helpful information on preparing for the GRE, visit this comprehensive list of features and services on Reviews.com. Please note: we do not receive your GRE scores immediately after you complete the exam. Scores arrive to us approximately two weeks afterward. Please keep this timeframe in mind when applying to our program.

2. SECOND STEP: Your Remaining Materials


1. Three Letters of Recommendation

  • preferably from academic instructors or supervisors who can speak to your ability to undertake graduate-level work 
  • must include the letter of recommendation form with each letter

2. Official Degree Transcript(s)

  • must be sent directly from academic institution(s)

3. Personal Statement

  • must be 2-3 pages, double-spaced
  • your name must be on every page
  • indicate your reasons for pursuing graduate study
  • indicate whether or not you're interested in being considered for any types of tuition scholarships or departmental graduate assistantships
  • indicate whether you will pursue your studies full- or part-time
  • indicate any experience you have with a foreign language (speaking, reading, writing)
  • M.A. in Public History applicants: indicate any experience you have in the field
  • M.A. in History applicants: indicate which area (American, European, or Global) you would like to pursue within the program

4. One Academic Writing Sample

  • approximately 8-10 pages (double-spaced)
  • your name must be on every page

5. OPTIONAL: Resume/CV

  • The Duquesne University Liberal Arts Graduate Application page indicates that a resume/CV should be included with your application packet. For the Department of History, we do not require this part of the application. If you have a resume/CV available, please feel free to include it with your additional materials, but please do not go to any extra trouble to provide one to us.


You can send your additional materials online or by mail.

OPTION 1 (Preferred method): Online via Interfolio 

Your additional application materials -- the three letters of recommendation, all transcripts, statement of purpose, and writing sample - may be sent online through Interfolio. You will find Duquesne listed as a university to which Interfolio sends materials.

To contact interfolio for assistance 1-877-997-8807

OPTION 2: By Mail

You may also send these additional application materials by mail (the letter of recommendation form must be sent to your references and included with their letters of recommendation). All of these materials must be sent to:

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Graduate Office
Attn: Linda Rendulic
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

NOTE: Please do not send any application materials directly to the Department of History. Thank you.


  • In your personal statement, let us know why you are interested in Duquesne's graduate program and why you think it's the right fit for you.  What are your future plans?  Do you have experience in the field?  Have you volunteered or had an internship related to History?
  • GRE scores arrive at the Department of History approximately two weeks after the exam.  Please keep this timeframe in mind when applying.
  • The Department of History admits approximately 17 students for each fall semester and 2 students for each spring semester.