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Internship Opportunities

Here you will find a directory of companies that have worked with Media department interns. Please be mindful that contact information goes out of date very quickly -- if an entry has a link to internship information, please read it before contacting the company. Some companies have protocols they expect applicants to follow and are annoyed when they call directly only to be told, 'see our link and follow the protocol.'

READ THIS FIRST: Important Internship FAQs

Internship Opportunites Spreadsheet


  1. Internship Approval Form
  2. Instructions
  3. Internship Timesheet
  4. Internship Progress Report
  5. Mid Term Performance Assessment Form
  6. Final Performance Assessment Form


If you have already secured an internship, please fill out the approval form on the reverse side of this document. Once completed, bring the form to 544 College Hall for approval by Dr. Michael Dillon. If you need assistance finding an internship, the department does keep a file of possible internships available to Media department students for your review.

1. Once you have been accepted for an internship, the approval form must be completely filled out and submitted for approval by Dr. Michael Dillon. Once approved, it will be sent to your adviser in 212 College Hall so that you can be registered for the internship credits. Your adviser will contact you if there is a question regarding your registration. The course number for the undergraduate internship is JMA 451 and JMA 551 (Practicum) for graduate students.

2. Internship hours needed to fulfill your credit requirement are listed below:
a. 60 hours = 1 credit
b. 120 hours = 2 credits
c. 180 hours = 3 credits

3. The Internship Timesheet must be completed every week. In your packet you will find two time sheets printed on one sheet of paper-front and back. You will be required to bring your timesheet filled out for the two week period to the Media department office every two weeks. This sheet must be signed by your internship supervisor.

4. Also completed every two weeks is the Internship Progress Report. Please have your supervisor review your progress and have your supervisor sign your form. Internship progress reports must be submitted with your timesheet every two weeks.

5. You also have two Performance Assessment Forms which need to be completed in order to get credit for the internship. One must be completed at mid-term and one at the final evaluation. These forms must be completed by your supervisor and signed by you and the supervisor. Dr. Dillon will evaluate your progress at your mid-term "hour" and also at your final "hour" of your internship. Both evaluations are required for determination of your final grade. Points will be deducted if one or the other assessment form is not turned in on time.

6. Internships will not appear on Blackboard. Your forms should be hand delivered to the Media department office located at 544 College Hall. If you are unable to complete your internship once you have registered, please contact your adviser and Dr. Dillon at dillonm@duq.edu.