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Language Lab

The MLL Language Lab is located in 201 Fisher Hall. The lab includes 22 computer work stations, equipped with headsets, and maintains a vast library of language-learning programs, films and related materials.

Students may use the lab to access the Web sites of their language textbooks, practice reading and grammar comprehension using a variety of CD-based programs, produce audio recordings, work with their language tutors, write papers and perform assigned research.



In addition to Blackboard-based voice and recording tools, all computers in the lab are equipped with Audacity software for voice recording. Audacity is a simple program that enables faculty and students to record vocal exercises and responses directly to the computer (thus eliminating the need for tape cassettes), and save the recording as a digital file to the computer or to a CD.

Click here for instructions that explain how to use Audacity.

Click here for instructions that explain how to copy an Audacity file to a CD (all computers in the lab have CD/DVD drives). Note:  With Windows 7.0, you no longer need to "burn" a file to a CD.  You can copy a file and save it to a CD as you would save a file on a USB drive.

Video Lab & Cameras

There is also a small Video Lab within the Language Lab that has an HD digital video camera, several Flip video cameras plus a computer dedicated to video editing and enhanced audio editing capabilities (for producing PodCasts and longer lectures).  Click here for more information about the video capabilities of the department.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is installed on the Lab's computers. Since certain standard features have been deactivated for security reasons (such as for copying and pasting images from the Internet), faculty and students who would like to use the Lab computers to create PowerPoint presentations should review the PowerPoint Instruction Sheets (click here for a copy).

These instructions are also designed to help first-time users of PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 (which was a significant upgrade from the 2003 edition) master the basics of the program with just a few minutes of practice.

Also, when making presentations, you can integrate outside resources, such as external Web sites, YouTube videos, etc., into your PowerPoint presentation by embedding hyperlinks directly into your PowerPoint slides.  Click here for an instruction sheet that explains how to embed hyperlinks into PowerPoint presentations.

Additional PowerPoint instruction sheets:

How to embed video links into PowerPoint

How to directly embed videos into PowerPoint

How to add audio recordings to PowerPoint



Verblng is an on-line program that enables students to speak live with native language speakers in a variety of countries and languages via a Web cam.  The lab has several Web cameras installed on PCs in the lab.   Faculty can also access the program from classrooms that are equipped with Web cams.

Click here for more information about Verbling.

Click here to go to the Verbling Web site.


Lab director:


Lab assistants:

 Madison Guseman

For additional information, call 6415