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Video Lab

The MLL Department has set up a small video lab inside the Language Lab (Room 201, Fisher Hall)  that is equipped with two video cameras (a Sony Hi8 and a newer Canon digital camcorder) and a dedicated computer for video editing.

The equipment can be used by faculty to film, edit and produce digital videos of live classroom sessions, or custom-tailored language-learning programs. Faculty may also make the equipment available to students for video assignments. The easy-to-use editing software enables faculty and students to incorporate text, photographs, PowerPoint presentations, and music into their final productions, which can be burned on to a DVD or uploaded to Blackboard or an external video server to enable students to access the final video from their personal computers from virtually anywhere.

A brief training session (less than 2 hours) is available to faculty and students who wish to do their own editing--or the final editing can be performed by the Department's support staff.

Click here for a copy of the Video Lab Instruction sheets:

Step 1: Shooting a video

Step 2: Transferring and capturing digital video, photos, PowerPoint slides and other media

Step 3: Editing a video

Step 4: Saving and uploading

Flip Video Cameras

The Department also has two Flip video cameras, which enable faculty and students to record conversations, interviews and other language-learning exericises and assignments, and play their recordings back on any computer--by simply plugging the camera's USB extension into a USB port on a classroom, office or personal computer or laptop.  Click here for an instruction sheet that explains how to use the Flip video cameras.

Teaching with Video

This is a "demo" video, made with the Department's digital camera and new video editing computer, that explains how you can use digital video as a teaching tool--to record live class sessions, produce video lessons, or give students video homework assignments. Click here to play the video. (You need to have Windows Media Player on your computer for the video to play. Be sure your sound is turned on. The video has been compressed to conserve server space; the original video, which is also available in DVD format, is of a higher quality.)

Audio Editing

In addition to video, the lab computer is also equipped with audio editing software, which is ideal for recording and editing lectures, lessons, or assignment instructions--any type of audio recording that may be difficult to do in "one take" and thus require editing. The final edit can be converted to an MP3 file or other standard audio format, and uploaded, via Wimba, as a Podcast, burned to a CD-ROM, or posted on a Web site or audio server.

For additional information, call 6415.