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Undergraduate Thesis Defenses


  • Jacob Gruber, “Beauty in Motion: St. Dionysius the Areopagite on God, Beauty, and Motion.” Director: Dr. Thérèse Bonin


  • Faith McFadden, “Love, Birth, and Wisdom in Plato.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller


  • Anthony Costantino, “A Catholic Rebuttal of Nietzsche’s Critique of Christianity.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller


  • Juan Escudero, “Reflection and The Return to the Self in Husserl’s Phenomenology and Zen Buddhism.” Director: Dr. Michael Harrington


  • Andrew Evans, “Investigating Love: Nietzsche Compared to Augustine.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller.
  • Colin Stragar-Rice, “Morality as an Expression of Power: Conatus and Its Role in Moral Deliberation.” Director: Dr. Kelly Arenson.


  • Stephen Hanson, “Husserl, Wittgenstien, & the Intersubjectivity of Language.” Director: Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer
  • Rachel Van Campenhout, “Between Conciousness and the Body: A Phenomenlogical Exploration.” Director: Dr. Lanei Rodemeyer
  • Roman Becicka, “The Role of Reason in Mental Health: Case-Studies in Ancient and Modern Philosophy.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller


  • Benjamin Cahill, “The Christian Contemplative Tradition in relation to Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.” Director: Dr. Jennifer Bates
  • Louis Butler, “A Philosophy of Food.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller
  • Timothy Rothhaar, “The Mystery of Hope: Authentic Relationships in an Era of Despair.” Director: Dr. Thérèse Bonin


  • Sarah Cates, “Perspectivism: The Influence of Leibniz and Nietzsche on Deleuze’s Philosophy of Difference.” Director: Dr. Daniel Selcer


  • Ronald Baumiller, “The Ancient Problem of Reference.” Director: Dr. Michael Harrington
  • Susan Dattalo, “Women in Plato’s Republic.” Director: Dr. Ronald Polansky


  • Robert Guerin, “Contradiction and its Consequences for Genuine Self-Knowledge.” Director: Dr. Patrick Lee Miller


  • Evan Dusheck, “Merleau-Ponty and the Cartesian Cogito.” Director: Dr. Fred Evans
  • Johan Nystrom


  • Eric Sampson, Director: Dr. Fred Evans