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Certificate in Policy Analysis and Administration

Policy Analysis and Administration will give you technical skills and substantive knowledge that will help you succeed in the policy area that interests you. Students who study for this certificate:
• Learn the nature of the policy-making process;
• Gain an understanding of policy analysis and social science methods;
• Investigate substantive areas of public policy

A certificate in policy analysis and administration prepares graduates to devise, analyze and implement policies to respond to today's challenging social and political problems. It also prepares students to work as administrators or policy analysts in public, private and non-profit organizations.

Students concentrating in policy analysis and administration receive a certificate of proficiency upon completion of the following courses (18 credits):

PLCR 526, American Politics and Policy (3 credits)

Policy Analysis (9 credits)
• PLCR 506, Social and Public Policy Analysis
• PLCR 502, Research Methods
• PLCR 503, Quantitative Analysis

Policy Making and Administration (6 credits): Any two of the following
• PLCR 518, The Politics of Civic Problems
• PLCR 524, Women and Politics
• PLCR 525, Policy Implementation
• PLCR, 542, Global Public Policy
Other courses by petition to the Policy Center's Curriculum Committee, at least one month prior to the start of the semester in which the course is proposed to be taken

You may earn the certificate either independently or in connection with another graduate program, for example, in business or law.