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The Policy Center offers education for a change. Alumni and alumnae of the Policy Center are changing and improving conditions world-wide, in a wide variety of organizations and settings. They say that the knowledge and skills they learned in the Policy Center positioned them for the significant responsibilities they took when they finished their studies.

See a list of the positions they secured.

Read what some of the Policy Center's former students say about their experience in the Policy Center:

  • Daniel Curtiss "Sharing 2 years of hard work with a group of dedicated people from around the world is what I reflect on most....the Policy Center influenced how I view my work and turn that into action based on theory, analysis, and practice."
  • Brian Goercke the program "strengthened my writing skills and broadened my understanding of domestic and international issues. It also provided me the social science background I needed to pursue a career in HIV/AIDS research and communications in Southern Africa."
  • Leah Kral "Both the degree and the fellowship opened up career opportunities in the policy world that I wouldn't have had otherwise."
  • Jing Li "They made me feel at home. I was totally amazed by the professionalism and warmth of faculty and staff at the Policy Center."  Read more.
  • James Lutzweiler "[The] program launched me on my career and provided me the links to get out and back into international development. . ."  Read more.
  • Siraj Mahmudov, a Muskie Fellow, indicates the program "not only helped me find my current job, but also equipped me with the right knowledge and skills to perform this job effectively."
  • Stephen McGinley "I believe the Policy Center and being a Fellow prepared me for a career with the Federal Government, first as a Presidential Management Fellow, and later as a Congressional Liaison."
  • Mark Morrison "The Social and Public Policy Center at Duquesne University has provided both a positive social network and a very valuable academic experience."
  • Lada Progunova "The majority of Policy Center faculty, students and alumni are experienced in peace and development missions around the world." Read more.
  • Godfrey Wachira "I appreciate the research and analytical skills I developed at the Policy Center and the deep interest in social research I developed." Read more.
  • Jane Walsh "The Policy Center helped to develop my interest in social movements and social change..." Read more.
  • Iris Winter "Being a Fellow helped me to expand my professional network here in Pittsburgh and gave me some amazing opportunities..."
  • Manuel Zuniga "The policy analysis and implementation skills I developed through my coursework and field experiences have been applied towards my career goals in many beneficial, diverse, and unforeseen ways."