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Classics Spring Break Away

Spend your Spring Break in Athens, Greece!

Through Duquesne's unique Spring Break Away program, you have the opportunity to take a course on-campus during your spring semester that incorporates study at an international site during the week of Spring Break. This course is available during alternating Spring semesters. 

Spring 2017

In Spring 2017, Dr. K.A. Rask taught CLSX 185: Cult and Cosmos in Ancient Athens, which meets the Faith and Reason Theme Area requirement. This course explores the archaeological remains relating to the religious and philosophical life of ancient Athenians. It provides an archaeological and religious overview of the city, from the Iron Age to the Late Roman period. Students investigate Athenian topography and monuments, with special attention given to its varied shrines, sanctuaries, and rituals. In addition, you will reflect on the connection between the religious life of the city and the ideas of its most famous philosophers.

Classroom lectures, discussions, and projects will be augmented by a week's visit to Athens and Attica. Students:

  • visit the major sites and museums in Athens;
  • study the material culture and topography of Athens in person, rather than through the visual media of Powerpoint presentations and textbooks;
  • develop an appreciation for the religious landscape of Attica by hiking through the region;
  • understand the urban map of shrines by walking through the preserved streets;
  • and visit the haunting grounds of the Platonic philosophers.

Through this experiential learning, you will better imagine the festivals and processions inthe city. Moreover, much of the extensive material culture housed within Greek museums can be seen nowhere else, especially those artifacts that have not been published.

Learn more about this Spring Break Away course.