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The Classical Society at Duquesne University

 Rome's forum-sized

The Classical Society is dedicated to exploring and promoting ancient Greek and Roman society, language, and culture among students at Duquesne University. In recent years, our members have attended productions of ancient plays and films, hosted a costume party and Roman banquet, and held roundtable discussions on topics such as, "What can I do with a degree in Classics?" We also provide resources for Classics majors and minors searching for study partners, language tutors, academic resources, and camaraderie with other enthusiasts of antiquity.

 At our meetings, we discuss topics such as the role of mythology in popular culture books such as Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and cool discoveries in archaeology and other Classical fields. This year, our president Julia has some really great ideas for events, like going to a play in the spring and hosting a trivia night. Stay tuned for more information on our events!

The Classical Society meets several times per semester. Meetings are open to any member of the Duquesne community--students of any major or level, faculty, and staff--and refreshments are usually served. You can even join their Facebook group.

For information about The Classical Society, please contact its faculty sponsor, Dr. Sarah Alison Miller at millersarah@duq.edu.