History Faculty

The Faculty of the Department of History 

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Faculty and Staff

The faculty members of the Department of History at Duquesne:

  • include veteran faculty members, with many years of teaching experience and strong records of research and publication, as well as a number of energetic younger scholars
  • engage regularly in scholarship within their area of specialization

The departmental staff is committed to serving and meeting the needs of:

  • its undergraduate History majors and minors, its undergraduate Art History minors, and its History graduate students
  • full- and part-time faculty members
  • the Department Chair and program directors
  • the Duquesne University community as a whole

Full-Time Faculty


Bucciantini, Alima
Assistant Professor of History
Public History, Social and Economic History 

Chapdelaine, Robin P.
Assistant Professor of History
African History, Child Trafficking, Women's History

Dwyer, John ("Jay")
Associate Professor of History
Chair, Department of History 
Latin American History and U.S. & Latin-American/U.S. & Mexico Relations 

Li, Jing ("Jay")
Associate Professor of History
East Asian History
Lieberfeld, Daniel
Associate Professor of History
Political and Diplomatic History, Cultural History, and Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies
Mayer, Holly A.
Associate Professor of History
Early American History

Mitcham, John C. (On sabbatical Spring 2019)
Assistant Professor of History
Graduate Director, History and Public History
Modern European History, British Empire

Parsons, Jotham
Associate Professor of History
Undergraduate Director, History and Art History

Medieval and Early Modern European History

Simpson, Andrew ("Drew")
Assistant Professor of History
Contemporary U.S. History 

Stelzel, Philipp J.
Assistant Professor of History
Interim Graduate Director, History and Public History
Modern Europe; Transnational History; Global History

Taylor, Jennifer Whitmer
Assistant Professor of Public History
Public History, Oral History

Emeritus Faculty

Rishel, Joseph F. (History)

Part-Time Faculty


Butko, Brian (M.A.)
Davis, Adam(M.A.)
Gillen, Amanda (M.A.)
Grimes, Richard (Ph.D.)
Hudson-Richards, Julia (Ph.D.)
Oliver, Megan (M.A.)
Trimarchi, Carolyn (M.S.)
White, Thomas (M.A.)


Csorba, Mrea (Ph.D.)
Cymbala, Amy (Ph.D.)

Lorenz, Christine (M.F.A.)
Marcinizyn, John (Ph.D.)

Administrative Staff

Kovalsky, Kelly (M.Ed.)- Administrative Assistant 
Samuels, Anna - Graduate Assistant