our alumni
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Our Alumni

What Do They Say About Us?

  • "The Public History program...made me into a better historian. It showed me the wide range of opportunities that are now available to me and it also showed me what a tight knit and caring community museums professionals have. I'm glad to now be a part of that community."
    --2016 Public History Graduate
  • "The mentoring and support I have received from my professors is without doubt the greatest benefit of my graduate education, and I hope to continue to call them colleagues regardless of where I end up."
    --2016 History Graduate
  • "I now feel that because I came to Duquesne for graduate school, I have broadened my range of historical knowledge and have subsequently gained a better understanding of the world as it is today. Additionally, the courses were mostly based on discussion rather than lecture, while as an undergraduate I had experienced mainly lecture-based classes. I enjoyed the environment and felt that having discussion during class helped to sharpen my critical thinking skills, as we often debated on various topics. This setting helped me to develop my verbal skills too, because in order to voice my opinion in a way that could help others see my point of view, I needed to articulate my words and thoughts."
    --2016 History Graduate

Meet Individual Alumni!   

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  • "I believe I developed fully as a Public Historian through my Duquesne M.A. program. I will graduate with a totally new world opened to me that I only had a glimpse of in my Undergraduate program. I believe the skills I have learned in my classes and internships and the connections I have made through this program will undoubtedly help me build a career in the field."  
    --2015 Public History Graduate
  • "I feel as though the program helped me to improve my writing ability. The professors that I had were always very willing to meet with us to help us with our papers or any aspect of the class."
    --2015 History Graduate
  • "Earning my Master's degree over the last two years has done more for my preparation to be a professional historian than the previous four years of undergraduate work.  Of particular use was my Introduction class, which taught me a huge deal about global historiography and forced me to think critically about the role of a historian. I applied the knowledge I gained from this class in my other courses, giving me a far greater insight into how and why historians interpreted events in the manner they did. This knowledge will be of great use in my continuing studies as I work towards my doctorate."
    --2015 History Graduate
  • "I really feel like the internships really helped me to develop as a public historian...[T]he internships allowed us to interact with professionals and have hands-on training that we could not have received in a classroom setting."
    2014 Public History Graduate