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M.S. Concentrations

Students enrolled in our Master of Science (M.S.) in Media Arts and Technology program can complete that program, but no new students are being accepted for it.
A Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Media Arts and Technology program is coming in fall 2019.

The M.S. program in Media Arts and Technology offers concentrations in three diverse fields of study.

Media Management Concentration

The Media Management concentration is for current and prospective media professionals in journalism, media management, public relations, advertising, publishing and multimedia. Students learn critical media management skills and theory and work with faculty mentors who will help them shape a course of study that suits their goals.

Media Management Courses and Requirements

Digital Media Concentration

The Digital Media concentration focuses on multimedia planning, design and production. Students develop an understanding of computer and mobile technologies and industry-standard hardware and software, multimedia design, digital media creation, instructional design, 3D and animation, and gaming.

Digital Media Courses and Requirements

Web Design and Development Concentration

The Web Design and Development Concentration prepares students to work in the web design and web development fields. The design aspect emphasizes the skills, theories and hands-on practices necessary to develop user-centered graphical web interfaces and web-based instructional design; the development aspect emphasizes server-side technologies, scripting and database connectivity.

Web Design and Development Courses and Requirements

Thesis Option

This option is open to all M.S. students in Media Arts and Technology wishing to claim expertise on a topic or prepare for a Ph.D. study. Those who are interested in the thesis option may take six thesis credits (instead of electives) as part of the 36 credits required for the degree. The six thesis credits must be completed over two semesters. A student opting for the thesis selects a thesis chair and then two committee members to supervise his or her project. Please contact the graduate director for procedures and required forms for the thesis option.