Various Philosophers
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Philosophy Department

Departmental Mission Statement

The mission of the Duquesne University Department of Philosophy is to be a dynamic and productive department of teacher–scholars dedicated to undergraduate and graduate teaching, academic research, and professional training for future philosophers. We provide an academically rigorous, critical, intellectually diverse department committed to teaching and research in Continental philosophy and the history of philosophy.

The Teacher–Scholar Model

Our understanding of the teacher–scholar model is that its two elements are equally valued, intrinsically connected, and mutually reinforcing. An essential role of the Philosophy Department is thus to foster high quality academic scholarship by faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate majors, by providing a context in which the resources necessary for such scholarship (in terms of both funding and time) are available.

The Core Curriculum

The purpose of our service to the general undergraduate community through the College and University Core Curriculum is the formation of intellectually deep, civically engaged, globally aware, and ethically minded students who accept the challenge to be distinctive, thoughtful, skilled, and service-oriented critics of society and agents of change as they faithfully pursue justice and peace in their individual lives, communities, and the world.

The Undergraduate Major

While the Philosophy Department contributes to Duquesne’s broad educational model through the University and College Core Curricula, we also serve our majors and minors by providing an intensive course of study through which they rigorously engage in logical analysis, conceptual interpretation, and critique of texts, arguments, and ideas. We help them develop a broad competence in the history of philosophy and a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical positions, so that they may reflectively pursue whatever path in life they choose.

The Graduate Program

The graduate program is central to the mission of the Philosophy Department and to our vision of its future. The mission of the Ph.D. program in philosophy is to provide advanced philosophical training to students with demonstrated outstanding scholarly competence so that they may pursue high-quality independent research under the mentorship of faculty, successfully find tenure-track employment in academia as professors of philosophy, and become independent members of the international philosophical community. The primary mission of the M.A. program in philosophy is to train well prepared students with strong backgrounds in philosophy to apply successfully for admission to Ph.D. granting departments.