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Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows

peace corps fellows

The Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy is not accepting applicants for spring 2016 or for academic year 2016-17 while the faculty consider administrative and curricular changes.

For over fifteen years Peace Corps Fellows in Duquesne University's Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy have made outstanding contributions to communities and to the Pittsburgh region through their work in over 30 organizations.

Success Stories

After leaving the Policy Center Peace Corps Fellows have gone on to work for such organizations as Allegheny County Department of Human ServicesAmerican Red Cross, Brother's Brother Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Family Health International, NASA, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, U.S. Peace Corps, World Learning, and World Vision.

For more information about Duquesne University's Peace Corps Fellows program, click here.

Current Fellow Abdul Ahmed, Peace Corps Swaziland 2012-14, Fellow 2014-present
Current Fellow Jessi Axe, Peace Corps Ethiopia 2012-14, Fellow 2014-present
Current Fellow Alexandra "AJ" Bisesi, Peace Corps Rwanda 2010-2013, Fellow 2013-present
David Brunner, Peace Corps Kenya 2000-02, Fellow 2002-04
Current Fellow, Jonathan Burgess, Peace Corps Mali 2008-10, Fellow 2011-present
Current Fellow, David Clarke, Peace Corps Panama 2009-2011, Fellow 2013-present
Chris Cramer, Peace Corps Uganda 2007-09, Fellow 2010-12

Daniel Curtiss, Peace Corps Paraguay 1995-97, Crisis Corps Paraguay 1998, Fellow 1998-2000

The Policy Center influenced how I view my work and turn that into action based on theory, analysis, and practice. . . . Read more

James Dick, Peace Corps Romania 2007-09, Peace Corps China 2009-10, Fellow 2010-12
Tara Farnan
, Peace Corps Paraguay 1996-98, Fellow 2000-02
Joshua Forquer, Peace Corps Guinea 2001-03, Fellow 2005
Current Fellow Deborah Garofalo, Peace Corps Ukraine 2009-11, Fellow 2012-present
Julia Gebhart, Peace Corps Romania 2005-07, Fellow 2010-12

Brian Goercke, Peace Corps Zimbabwe 1998-2001, Fellow 2002-04

The Policy Center provided me the social science background I needed to pursue a career in HIV/AIDS research and communications in Southern Africa. . . . Read more.

Tracy Gordon, Peace Corps Poland 1995-97, Fellow 1997-99

Andrew Gutierrez, Peace Corps Moldova 2004-06, Fellow 2009-11

"I think the best thing that I took away from the Policy Center was that I could meet with professors and get the one-to-one education that really made me be successful. The Policy is blessed with an outstanding faculty."  Read more

Tristan Hays, Peace Corps Ukraine 1998-2000, Fellow 2000-02
Kristine Hoffer, Peace Corps Mali 1994-97, Fellow 1998-2000
Nicole Johnson, Peace Corps Paraguay 1996-98, Fellow 1999-2001
Krissy Kimura, Peace Corps Tanzania 2008-10, Fellow 2011-2013

Leah Kral, Peace Corps Jamaica 2002-04, Fellow 2004-05

The Community Development Fellowship enabled me to afford a quality graduate education, while at the same time gaining valuable experience working in the local community. . . . Read more.

Current Fellow Dennis Lee, Peace Corps Peru 2005-08, Fellow 2010-present

James Lutzweiler, Peace Corps Ghana 1994-96, Fellow 1997-99

That program launched me on my career and provided me the links to get out and back into international development. . . . Read more.

Joan Marshall, Peace Corps Togo, 2004-06, Fellow 2008-2010. Joan's thesis, A Better Peace, seeks to

answer whether and how the increased participation of women in the Rwandan Parliament resulted in a greater opportunity to address the interests of women in a post-conflict society, particularly combating gender-based violence. . . . Read more.

James Martin, Peace Corps Romania 2008-09, Fellow 2010-11
Megan McCauley, Peace Corps Cape Verde 2008-09, Fellow 2011-12

Stephen McGinley, Peace Corps Tonga 1998-2000, Fellow 2000-02

The Policy Center and being a Fellow prepared me for a career with the Federal Government . . . Read more.

Emily McKinin DeMasi, Peace Corps Ivory Coast, 2001-02, Fellow 2009-11

My Peers, both Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and non-RPCVs were collegiate and supportive both in and out of the classroom. . . . Read more.

Mark Morrison, Peace Corps Samoa 2002-05, Fellow 2005-07

After Peace Corps, I was looking for a graduate program that would allow me to study a broad range of subjects affecting international development and social justice. . . . Read more.

Domenico Palombo, Peace Corps St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Fellow 2002-04
Erin Pischke, Peace Corps Guatemala 2006-08, Fellow 2011-2013
Timothy Ryan, Peace Corps Nepal 1997-99, Fellow 2000-02
Andy Smith, Peace Corps Armenia, 2009-11, Fellow, 2012-present

Katherine Stackel, Peace Corps Costa Rica, 2005-07, Fellow, 2008-2010

The Peace Corps Fellowship at Duquesne . . . is giving me a more holistic view of how we promote positive change in our society. . . . Read more.

Jason Sullivan, Peace Corps Paraguay 1995-97, Crisis Corps Paraguay 1998, Fellow 1999-2001
Current Fellow Ryan Van Dinter, Peace Corps Ukraine 2008-10, Fellow 2012-present
Christine Vulgaris, Peace Corps Macedonia 1997-99, Fellow 2000-02
Eric Wiesen, Peace Corps Ghana 1995-97, Fellow 1998-2000

Iris Winter, Peace Corps South Africa 1998-2000, Fellow 2003-05

Being a Fellow helped me to expand my professional network here in Pittsburgh and gave me some amazing opportunities. . . . Read more.

Manuel Zuniga, Peace Corps South Africa 1998-2000, Fellow 2000-02

In the photo above Julie Driver, Program Manager of Peace Corps' Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program at Peace Corps headquarters, and Dr. Evan Stoddard, then Peace Corps Fellows Coordinator at Duquesne University, surrounded by current and former fellows, graduate administrators and community partners, mark the tenth anniversary of Duquesne's participation with Peace Corps' Coverdell Fellows Program in 2008. (The program began in 1997 and was formalized by an agreement between Duquesne University and the Peace Corps in 1998.)

Dr. Michael Irwin, the Policy Center's Acting Director, works closely with Fellows to help them identify and secure a position that will move them in the direction they want to go after they finish their degree.

If you want to bring the Peace Corps home to a close-knit school community and a progressive American city that value individual creativity, passion and empathy, we invite you to consider the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information about Peace Corps Fellowships in the Policy Center contact Dr. Michael Irwin, Peace Corps Fellows Coordinator, and the Policy Center's Acting Director, by e-mail or telephone at 412-396-6488.

Note that the Policy Center is NOT ACCEPTING applications for spring 2016 or academic year 2016-17, while the faculty consider administrative and curricular changes.