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Michael P. Weber Endowed Research Grant Award Winners

2014 Award

Alexandra "AJ" Bisesi - $2,487.50 award

AJ used the grant to pay for participation incentives, materials, posters, training meetings, and travel to support her thesis project on food systems and the role of "ready-made" food in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

2013 Award

Jonathan Burgess - $2,898 award

Jonathan used the grant to pay for tuition to pursue his thesis project, "Urban and Rural Demographic Trends in Marcellus Gas Violations across Pennsylvania."

2012 Award

Erin Pischke - $2,500 award

Erin is used the grant to pay for travel, lodging and supplies for her project to explore the impacts of Marcellus Shale drilling on Pennsylvania communities.

2010 Award

Russell Brown - $2,050 award

Russell used the award to buy a tape recorder for interviews, a laptop computer, books and supplies, and to pay for travel expenses to interview public officials for his thesis research on "NIMBY Effects on Low-Income Housing Developments."

2009 Awards

Jacquelyn Cully and Daniel Inzinga - $2,400 award

Jacquelyn and Daniel used the proceeds of the award to purchase data and to cover travel expenses to conferences as they pursued their research on "Hospital Competition in Metropolitan Markets: Diminishing Choice and Rising Prices."

Karen Vanderhoff - $1,200 award

Karen used the proceeds of the award to purchase books, cover travel expenses and pay for a student membership in the American Planning Association as she pursued her "Analysis of the Implementation of Multi-municipality Comprehensive Regional Planning."

2007 Award

Yasmeen Davis - $2,700 award

Yasmeen used the proceeds of the award to purchase computer equipment to complete her thesis, African American and Latino Relations: A Case Study of Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

2006 Award

Gabrielle Rebottini - $2,440.93 award

Gabrielle used the proceeds of the award to purchase books, computer equipment and software, and to make copies to complete her thesis, Won't You Be My Neighbor?: Child Abuse in a Community Context.